MONDAY MOTIVATION: 8 Office hacks to make life easier

By Procom

Sometimes it really is those little things that make a big deal in the whole scheme of things.

And sometimes, there’s just that thing about a Monday morning that makes some feel as though they’d rather face any other thing than the beginning of the work week.

… Especially if these things require getting out of bed and going into an office.

Yet, even in these weekly circumstances, there often exists hackable situations that can turn seemingly hard-knock office dilemmas into easy-breezy life hacks.

Here are a few of those little things that can make a big deal when you trade your bed for the boardroom:


When hunger hits and utensils are scarce... 

staffing agency H1.png

Hack: Fork pen

What you'll need: Plastic pen tube, tape and a paper clip

Innovator: Courtney Jones, Digital Marketing and Content Strategist, Toronto  

"I've actually used this..." 



Lip balm always rolling away?

staffing agency h2.png

Hack: Shot glass lip balm stand

Innovator: Bhawna Agarwal, Technical Recruiter, Toronto

What you'll need: A shot glass

"No need to search for a tiny balm in my drawer; now I can find it always in one place whenever needed."


Monitors too low? 

staffing agency h3.png

Hack: Ergonomic paper stack monitor stands

What you'll need: Stacks of unopened paper 

Innovator: Daria Gourianova, Client Services Associate, Toronto

"I don't have to look down to look at my computer screens, making my head hurt, and always have reminders handy nearby." 


Out of recycle bins?

staffing agency h4.png

Hack: Shoe box recycle

What you'll need: An old shoe box (or any other old boxes)

Innovator: Brennan Tilly, ICAP Manager, Calgary 

"I don’t need to leave my desk to recycle or sort things out later. I simply take all boxes being used each week to respective receptacles in the kitchen. "


Can't find desk stuff organizers?

staffing agency h5.png

Hack: Mug organizers

What you'll need: Empty mugs

Innovator: Courtney Jones, Digital Marketing and Content Strategist, Toronto 

"I'm not a coffee drinker, so these handy mugs keep my chaos as organized as possible."


When you can't find a coat rack...

staffing agency h6.png

Hack: Cubicle coat rack

What you'll need: A cubicle

Innovator: Justin Taylor, Account Manager, Raleigh 

"I used our cubicle as a coat rack. It has made my coat hanging life very convenient."


When your note pad is full...

staffing agency h8.png

Hack: Scrap paper note pads

What you'll need: Fortitude to collect scrap paper

Innovator: Diana Hoang, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Calgary 

"I just get a ton of scrap paper from old resumes collected from candidate meetings. Given me A LOT of scrap paper to use and is environmentally friendly!"


Forgot your glasses case? 

staffing agency h10.png

Hack: Glasses holder

What you'll need: A tack and a cublicle

Innovator: Ana Algernon, Technical Recruiter, Toronto 

"Tacks are not only for holding papers, they can help you not lose your reading glasses again!"

Remember: The first day of your work week can set the mood for the type of moves you'll make on the rest of the days that follow Monday. Make them count!

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by Procom

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