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4 Types of numbers recruiters need to see on your CV

By Procom


Numbers on your resume

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to facts, they do in fact matter. And there aren’t too many things that are more factual than numbers. Potential employers want to see what you’ve accomplished in your previous role, and unless you’re planning on Pinocchio’ing your percentages, the numbers don’t lie. Here are the ones you want to highlight on your CV to prove you’re the real deal.

1. Percentages

Metrics can show the improvements you've made in your roles, so you'll want to highlight the increases and decreases you've achieved. These percentages include:

Targets achieved

Increased website traffic via social media by 30% within 90 days…

Service provision

Decreased escalations by 20% within first 30 days…

Costs saved

Reduced department spending by 15%...


2. Time

Time is valuable, and what you do with it matters -- to you, your employer and colleagues. Highlighting the following on your resume will demonstrate how your using yours wisely:

Completion dates

Delivered a transformation program 2 months ahead of schedule.

Time saving processes

Implemented new customer service process, saving staff an hour per day.


3. Size

Stats on size can give a potential employer a metric to quantify the impact you've had in previous roles and what you can handle. Show sizes of:


Managed a customer base of 20 Clients


Lead a department team of 10 staff


Managed a $1M expansion project…


4. Locations

If potential employers can see where you've been, it can give them a better idea of where you can go. So you'll want to highlight your geographical impact by including:

Countries and cities

Trained new employees across 5 countries…


Managed regional sales teams across 5 offices…

Remember: When you’re in the market for employment, a lie will keep growing and growing until it’s a nose on your face. So stick to the numbers and you’re on your way.

by Procom

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