11 Things to remove from your resume

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Each piece of your resume should be considered a valuable piece of real estate. And if you’re currently in the business of attaining new business as a contractor, the selling of your skills is a serious situation. Is your resume helping your capitalize on the job market? Removing some of this unnecessary information just might help you close the deal on a new position.

1. Photos

A recent study found 88% of hiring managers admit to rejecting qualified candidates for having a photo on their CV. So, unless a selfie is a necessary step in the application, keep it off yours.  Justin Yusufali, a Technical Recruiter with Procom explains, "I always find it a tad bit weird when the individual puts a photo of themselves on the resume. I did let them know that it's unnecessary and that I would be removing it." 

2. Age

Law makers have made it illegal for a hiring manager to ask your age, however; including yours on a resume could also lead to unfair assumptions. The number on the top of the page may subconsciously have the reader assume you're "too old" or "too young" for the role before he or she even gets further down the page to your work history. Is it fair? No. Yet, can it happen? Yes. 

3. Marital status

Your relationship status is best left for Facebook. Not your resume. Ana Algernon, a Technical Recruiter with Procom explains, "My impression is that this candidate has not been in the market for a while and is stuck in how things used to be vs modern day job searching."  

4. Religion

Religious beliefs could have helped instill the qualities hiring managers are looking for, but it's best to demonstrate those qualities rather than profess their origin. Instead, list facts and accomplishments rather than your faith on a resume. 

5. Unexplained gaps

Typically anything longer than three months is a recruitment red flag on your resume. Procom’s Director of Recruitment, Wendy Kennah explains, “I would say anything under three months is not alarming because it could be market conditions, time of the year, etc. that made it difficult to find the next project. Anything longer than three months without an explanation makes it something you should call out explicitly on the resume.” Always include the months and years in your work history. 

6. Fancy formatting

Leave grids, charts and boxes off your resume. Robots recruiters use to find you can't read them and will most likely result in your resume not making it into an inbox. 

7. Inconsistent fonts and colours

Your resume should consist of strictly black and white basics and be presented in one font. When it comes to capitalization, only proper nouns and organizations receive capital letters. If you choose to capitalize your job titles, make sure it’s consistent throughout the entire document.

8. Inappropriate email address

Another recent study found 76% of resumes are dismissed for having an unprofessional email address. "Hotgina@yahoo.com is very questionable," says Valerie Anderson-Migliore, a Technical Recruiter with Procom. "The impression I have is that they have poor judgment and unprofessional manner. I might call to quality but advise they set up separate professional email - as well as checking security tools on their social media accounts." 

9. Too many words

If you can’t list your professional skills and experience in 3-6 pages, you’re being too wordy.

10. Copy and pasting

Pssst! Recruiters read the same job descriptions as you do, so when you copy and paste the desired skills listed in the description onto your CV, they can tell.

11. Bad grammar/spelling mistakes

After you’ve double checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation, have someone else you trust look it over as well. "Sixty per cent of surveyed recruiters will reject a candidate because of poor grammar or a spelling error on a CV– while managers and MSPs will especially decline you if the role is detail oriented-- even if you’re highly qualified," says Hilary Fisher, a Technical Recruiter with Procom.

When your candidacy is for sale, an attention grabbing resume is what's going to attract a potential employer. And sometimes a little remodeling is in order! 

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