3 job interview tips we (didn’t) learn from Sheldon Cooper

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Even when you're a genius on a job search, there's still a certain interview etiquette one must adhere to if the aim of the game is engaging employment.

And when a genius is on a job search, sometimes the most ingenious thing the rest of us can do is learn from the wisdom (not) imparted from the hyper-intellectually enabled. There exists a fine line between genius and madness, and  if you can find the interview tips within these blunders, you're on your way to becoming the former.

Maybe. Well probably not. But it would be a smart move anyway if you want to make a "Big Bang" in your interview. (Sorry. Had to.)

1. Be honest

While insulting a potential employer and admitting to aspiring to the least level of responsibility is not the wisest of moves, transparency in a job interview is. A recruiter or hiring manager will eventually figure out if you're lying about your experience or skill set, so always be honest on your resume and in your in-person conversation. Also, don't be negative. Instead of just saying "No I don't know that" or "I haven't," use a parallel after stating your lack of experience/understanding:

"I haven't used Microstrategy, but I have over 10 years of experience with Teradata with a very similar BI tool."

2. Show optimism
When a recruiter or hiring manager describes the position you're interviewing for, being enthusiastic about the role shows your level of interest in the company and the job. However; you should probably ensure that you know what the role actually is. And then you should definitely back up your optimism with examples of your experience that pertains to said position.

3. Have a goal in mind
Sure, some of us may have management goals in mind and recruiters and hiring managers want to see ambition; however, you probably shouldn't admit to aspiring towards workplace domination combined with a monument agenda. Instead, try to describe how you've achieved success in your previous positions and how your achievements have prepared you to train or lead others.

It doesn't take a genius to navigate the world of employment, but it does take preparation, a positive attitude and the right experience to land a job you want. The universe is a big place, and they're out there.

by Procom

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