Best of Staffing: What it takes to win Inavero’s coveted award

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There really is no better feeling than that of a mutually satisfying business situation. And regardless of what business you’re in, people do business with people, and they do it with the ones they like.

But how does any business get said people to participate in these satisfaction situations? Well, the first step in your strategy is realizing that the quality of your product or service isn’t defined by what you put into it, but rather what your customers get out of it.

And when 2018 marks the third year in a row Procom has received Inavero’s Best of Staffing Client and Talent Award, we feel pretty safe in assuming our Talent and Clients are getting a lot out of our business.

So, how does Procom do it? We went right to the source of our staffing business to get the goods on what it takes to get “best of.”

Here’s what Wendy Kennah, Procom’s Director of Recruitment, had to say.  

What is Best of Staffing and what is the criteria for winning?

Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, Inavero’s Best of Staffing winners are chosen from staffing firms across North America based on Client and Contractor satisfaction ratings.  Winners of the Best in Staffing designation make up less than two per cent of all staffing agencies in the United States and Canada. 

The winning firms must have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of greater than 50% for the Best of Staffing Talent and 50% for the Best of Staffing Client.  Both awards are judged separately, and you must have a 20% response rate or a minimum of 250 responses to qualify.

Why we’ve won three years in a row

Procom has looked at ways to continually improve our service.  We have focused on reaching out to our Talent at four different intervals to ensure we are meeting their expectations and avoiding any surprises.  When there have been concerns, we have focused on trying to find a resolution that meets our Talent or Clients' requirements.

best-of-staffing_2018-talent-staffing-agency-win.jpgWe try to communicate to everyone to avoid surprises, be responsive to requests and be proactive where possible.  We have continued to upgrade the skills of our people and enhance our technology to better meet the needs.

It’s about a dedication to improvement… 

Best of Staffing shows Procom’s commitment to continual improvement.

We started on this journey three years ago when we heard the industry Client NPS score was -3% and the Talent score was in the low teens.  These numbers made us look at our process, our people and our technology to see where we fell short in the eyes of our Clients and Talent.  The only way to improve was to go to market and find out how we compared to our industry peers and take the feedback and grow as an organization.  We saw that our Clients and Talent initially felt we were slow to respond, our redeployment process was not meeting the expectations of our Talent and that we had gaps in our overall communication strategy. 

The feedback and the survey channel opened up a new means for our Talent and Client to exchange feedback with our team.  This provided management with an inside view of some of the issues our employees were experiencing and enabled Procom to see the gaps in knowledge, training and technology. 

In 2015, we took each issue that surfaced and worked through them one at a time and have seen our scores grow since then.  We continue today to look at the results and see if there are trends in certain markets or if our clients have any potential issues we need to get ahead of. best-of-staffing_2018-client-staffing agency win.jpg

We have made tweaks in process and/or technology and looked back three months later to see if we saw the desired reaction from our Talent and Client community.  Here we are entering our 4th year of this journey and we are continuing to look forward at what challenges the industry has in store while looking back to see what changes we still need to make. 

…And listening to the feedback

The way to attain high satisfaction levels is to be open to the feedback.  When we started this process back in 2015, we likened our existing state as “Legends in our own minds.”  We didn’t know what we didn’t know.  So you have to be open to asking the tough questions and be willing to get answers you might not be happy with. 

…While getting senior management on board

You also need to have senior management buy in.  We started the process with every Detractor needing to be called by a Branch Manager to get the real answers and hear the real concerns from our Talent and Clients.  This started everyone down the path of looking for areas of improvement in their branch and with their staff.  You have to be open to getting feedback and not be defensive about the people, process or technology.  As soon as you stop listening to the feedback and start defending the status quo, you don’t have room to grow.  Procom has increased its staffing agency Client NPS 17% over a three year period and that has come from a lot of listening to our employees, Clients and Talent.  By taking the risk to survey our two biggest stakeholder groups in 2015, it has provided Procom with valuable insights into our organization, our employees, the market and allowed us to share these insights with our Stakeholders. 

We start each survey hoping to find feedback that will enhance our business and make us a stronger organization for the future.

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