8 Candidate traits hiring managers look for

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When you're on a job search, sometimes there's nothing more terrifying than encountering the person who potentially holds the fate of your work status in their hands. 

And when you do meet with the hiring manager, not being the right fit is essentially the thing nightmares are made of -- Kind of like the equivalent to running up the stairs in a horror movie when you should really be heading out the front door... 

There exists a special type of candidate who demonstrates the traits needed to kill the interview, and they're eerily similar to those wielded by these horror movie heroes who slayed whoever (or whatever) was bent on their demise. 

Do you share these hirebable and survivable traits hiring managers look for? 


1. Likability 

Just like: R

From: Warm Bodies 

R was a nice guy who just wanted to meet a pretty girl, however; he unfortunately succumbed to a plague that turned him into a zombie first. And the eventual girl? Well, she met him post-apocalyptic and still gave him her heart (just not to eat)! If a zombie can still get the girl by being likable, imagine what it can do for you?

Likability is the #1 factor hiring managers look for when adding a new member to their team. So, even if you're the best at what you do or have a unique skill set, leave the ego at the door.

2. Perseverance

Just like: Sydney Prescott

From: Scream Franchise

Syd's a survivor.

She overcame four installments' worth of homicidal Ghost Face killers, and no matter how large the struggle (or body count), she gained more confidence and strength each time.  "Job hunts can be very competitive, so you need to have a determined attitude and not allow yourself to become discouraged," says Amie Greco, a Recruiting Assistant with Procom. "This allows candidates to stay confident and rid themselves of unnecessary anxiety when entering an interview." Always remember to give your recruiter feedback after each interview, so he or she can help you overcome any weaknesses you may be demonstrating. 

3. Prepared with a routine 

Just like: Dr. Robert Leville

From: I am Legend

He was a man with a plan amid a world swarming with frightening flesh eaters. Dr. Leville kept prepared for every eventuality and completed the same task each day with a quiet determination until he succeeded in locating a fellow survivor. "Make a schedule and stick to it," advises Charles Liikson, a Technical Recruiter with Procom. When you're looking for a job, time management can make a big difference in avoiding application fatigue, so carve out a schedule each day with a time for applying, following up and researching for your interviews. 

4. Resourceful

Just like: The kids

From: IT 

Even when faced with their greatest fears, this group of kids assessed their situation and used whatever means necessary to survive. "Similarly, a candidate should be able to think on the spot and use their tool kits to the best of their abilities," says Daria Gourianova, a Client Services Associate with Procom. Whether you're networking at events, making connections online or looking for unadvertised jobs through social media and other professional networks, be aware of every tool you have.


5. Skilled/Experienced

Just Like: Jon Snow

From: Game of Thrones

We digress from the big screen, but winter is here, white walkers are super scary and it takes someone with a certain set of skills to defeat them. Er go: Enter Jon Snow. He's been over the wall, he's done it before and has gained the insights to train all those who follow. Marnie Pertsinidis, an Account Manager with Procom advises, "Like your job search, you need to have the skills necessary to perform in the role; be brave to strive for more than you have currently and be honest about your skills and ability."

6. Honest

Just like: Chief Brody

From: Jaws 

After Chrissy's nocturnal swim resulted in her gnawed arm washing ashore, it was Chief Brody who refused to believe the obvious untruth in the ruling of her death as a boating accident. And it was his insistence in being honest that led to the search for a killer shark instead of a rogue rudder. 

Always be truthful about your skills and experience on your resume, in your interviews and on your public profiles. If you aren't, your recruiter or hiring manager will eventually find out the truth when you can't complete a task because you lied and lack the wherewithal to do so. 


7. Professional 

Just like: Clarice Starling

From: The Silence of the Lambs 

Clarice is one of the more reserved people-eating evaders, choosing to hold her thoughts close until it becomes necessary to appropriately divulge them. And candidates who can do the same have an excellent strategy. Be aware, however,  that we aren't having an introvert vs. extrovert discussion here. Marnie explains, "Candidates should not share more information than is requested. Until you know what the manager is looking for, don't give them information that might cause them to rule you out." 


8. Adaptable

Just like: Rick Grimes

From: The Walking Dead 

Although we're straying from the silver screen again, we're going to take a Darwinian attitude and agree that sometimes it's the ones who adapt to any situation who are the ones who enjoy survival. Rick's fight against the undead is met with bizarre twists and turns, while candidates must also have their pulse on ever-changing industry trends and emerging technologies. "Be ready for any questions and anticipate the unusual," advises Valerie Anderson-Migliore, a Technical Recruiter with Procom. Join groups, volunteer and follow influencers who can help keep you informed. 

What other interview tricks and treats can you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Halloween!

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