Monday Motivation: 10 TV Bosses who dress BAWSE

By Procom


Monday’s were made for making moves. And move making tends to happen best when movers and shakers are feeling motivated.

It’s true that your clothes don’t make you who you are, but they do have the power to make you feel like a boss when putting your best foot forward. And when one is feeling like a boss, well, one tends to make BAWSE moves.

AND Because fashion isn’t selfish,  motivation sometimes comes from imitation.  So if fashion has the power to propel you forward, here are the top TV Bosses whose threads have Procommers feeling like making moves.


1. Olivia Pope, Scandal 

giphy (51).gif

Why: "Power and confidence. She remains classy while ready for any situation thrown her way."

-Marnie Pertsinidis, Account Manager

-Daria Gourianova, Client Services Associate 


 2. Michael Scott, The Office


Why: "Swagger. Very neat." 

-Isaac Castelan, Senior Technical Recruiter


 3. Spencer Strasmore, Ballers


Why: "Professionalism, motivation, respect, class, wealth, leader, driven, BOSS and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!"

-Justin Taylor,  Account Manager


 4. Diaz, Brooklyn nine-nine


Why: "There's just something about a bad-ass leather jacket that's just like... 'Yup'..."

-Courtney Jones, Digital Marketing and Content Strategist


 5. Dragon's Den Dragons, Dragon's Den


Why: "Dressed for business and success, and clearly it works."

-Valerie Anderson-Migliore, Technical Recruiter

 6. Reid Ryan, President of Houston Astros

astros staffing agency.gif

Why: "Not a TV boss per se but he is on TV.  Reid Ryan (son of Nolan Ryan) is President of Houston Astros and has been on TV a fair bit in the lead up to and following the team's World Series win.  I was just thinking today of how great his fashion. He wears classic cut, well-tailored suits with a bit of flare.  His style allows him to fit in with the old school with also bringing a modern touch.  This reflects a managerial style of respecting the tradition of what works while bringing in new ideas."

-Brennan Tilley, ICAP Manager


 7. Jessica Pearson, Suits


Why: "Class, character, business."

- Kerri Brooks, Account Manager


 8. Harvey Spector, Suits


Why: "Assertiveness and professionalism."

-Johny Bui, Technical Recruiter


 9. Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

giphy (60).gif

Why: Professional but fun."

-Julina Throop, Technical Recruiter


10. Beverly Goldberg, The Goldbergs

Why: "Sweaters. The mom from Goldbergs embodies 80's flair."

-Charles Liikson, Technical Recruiter

When it comes to dressing to impress in your next interview, we also have a few thoughts on how to tackle a hiring manager's preferred fashion sense. Are you looking to work with a staffing agency to find your next great opportunity?


by Procom

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