Happy 4th of July!

By Procom


Happy 4th of July! There aren't many nations that inspire patriotism quite like the home of the stars and stripes! America is land of the free; the home of the brave, and where pride reigns supreme. It's the place where dreams are realized, opportunity is at the fingertips and liberty is a right for everyone. To celebrate Independence Day, we asked our fellow Procommers and neighbours in the south what today means to them; here's what they said:

"Pride in the country."

Alisha Wright, Account Manager


"Extreme pride."

Justin Taylor, Account Manager 


"Freedom and pride!"

Isaac Castelan, Senior Technical Recruiter 


"Fireworks, freedom, pride, America, applie pie, ice cream."

Alexa Betze, Tecnical Recruiter


"Freedom, grilling out, homemade ice cream and sprinklers."

Lindy Sellars, Technical Recruiter



Gregory Carathimas, Administrative and Recruting Assistant



by Procom

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