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Being Canadian is pretty awesome, eh?

And sure, to the rest of the world, we’re often known for being a polite race of hockey stick wielding, double-double drinking, maple syrup obsessed, igloo dwelling, beer drinking enthusiasts with the best looking prime minister on the planet… and in most of these notions they would be correct in their assumptions.

However, there is much more to being Canadian than our claim to ketchup chip fame.

In our glorious 150 years, we’ve introduced insulin, Superman, the pace maker, poutine, peanut butter, the telephone, computer braille, the modem and the alkaline battery-- to name a select few.

(We’ve also unleashed Bieber, Drake and The Weekend onto the world…..but we can’t be responsible for acquired tastes).

On Canada’s 150th birthday, we asked Procommers what makes them proud to be a Canadian or to live in our bad-ass country. Here’s what they said:


“I sure do love it! What a country to live in! What a time to be alive!”  

Josh Pryor, Technical Recruiter


“Best country I've lived in so far, and I've lived in at least three! :)”

 Daria Gourianova, Client Services Associate

“Freedom, Opportunity and Equality.”

Miranda Ng, HR summer student


 “Having the opportunity to reach our potential (academically, professionally, personally) thanks to all the amazing resources we have. Having lived in 3 different countries, Canada is truly an amazing place to be.”

Ana Algernon, Technical Recruiter


“A place of safety to some degree.”

Natalie Blake, HR Assistant


“To bleed maple Syrup.”

Adam Lewin, National Account Executive


“Safety, inclusion, understanding, mosaic.”

Hilary Fischer, Technical Recruiter


“Means living in the most inclusive, most diverse and most socially responsible country in the world.”

Sara McKnight, Manager of Learning and Development


“Living in Canada means witnessing United Nations at each and every corner. It’s great to be a part of multi-cultural society. The world should learn tolerance and unity from Canada.”

Bhawna Agarwal, Recruiting Team Lead


“Opportunity, Safety.”

Puru Dangol, Web Developer


“A cultural mosaic where every person adds their unique histories and stories to a larger community built on inclusion.”

Bow Cheung, Recruiting Team Lead


“Proud to be a Canadian and living in the country where multi-culture is honoured and respected.”

Salima Bhanwadia, Client Services Coordinator


“I can enjoy the peace and freedom.”

Eric Ng, Assistant Controller


“Polite with purpose.”

Brennan Tilley, ICAP Manager


“Love the freedom, diversity and opportunity that we enjoy.  I'm a proud Canadian, and not embarrassed to let everybody know!”

Patty Niles, Controller


“Opportunity & Diversity.”

Rajdeep Chouhan, Business Analyst


“I am an immigrant and proud to be part of a progressive, diverse country - not perfect but the best!”

Valerie Anderson-Migliore, Technical Recruiter


“Freedom and acceptance”

Shannon Snell, Account Manager


“It means everything that is good.  I feel very privileged and lucky to live in Canada, and although I wasn't born in this country, my true love is for Canada.”

Arek Godlewski, Technical Recruiter


“Multiculturalism. We’re exposed to many different communities, languages, foods and joie de vivre.”

Lisa Gananca, Account Support Team Lead


“Multicultural, Equality and Diversity”

Roberta Scodeller, Technical Recruiter


“It means to be free and experience the lives and culture of other free people.”

Charles Liikson, Technical Recruiter



Vincent Kwok, Technical Recruiter


“We get to be immersed in an amazing melting pot of cultures.”

Julina Throop, Technical Recruiter


“To be able to allow my daughter the best life possible.”

Julian Lopez, Technical Recruiter


“Freedom and Opportunity”

Melissa Bieth, Technical Recruiter


“Freedom to experience different cultures, equality and diversity and always a double-double around the corner!”

Sam Wan, Technical Recruiter


“Happy Birthday....oh yeah and a LONG WEEKEND YEAH!!!!!”

Theressa Mitchell, Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Analyst


“Best country in the world and it means everything to call Canada home.”

Bryan Aharan, Technical Recruiter


“Being Canadian to me means being multicultural and embracing everyone.”

Nikila Vijaya, HR Generalist


“The True North.”

Leandro Isidro, Credit and Collections Clerk

Happy Birthday, Canada! 

by Procom

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