Job interviews: 6 Tips to show confidence

By Procom

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Confidence is really just that thing about someone isn’t it? That intangible tangible – the je ne sais quoi that you can’t quite see but can most certainly feel. Because it can’t help but command your attention.

Yet, we're not talking about the type of “look at me, look at me,” hollow-drums-beat-the-loudest type of attention, no. Never that. We're discussing the kind bred from that type of silent strength that underlays everything they say and do.... and it all just holds up with the undeniable buoyancy of the Dead Sea.

And that's the type of trait that will inspire a perspective employer's confidence in you as a potential employee. So here’s how to show it:


Facial expressions can say a lot, and they're a critical aspect to human interaction. Job interviews can have anyone on edge, but flashing your pearly whites every now and then helps put others at ease and conveys a sense of calm control. Daria Gourianova, a Procom Client Services Associate agrees "Thirty eight per cent of hiring managers admit to dismissing candidates who didn't smile. So don't be afraid to crack a smile during your interview!"

Have a firm handshake 

Hiring managers are trying to uncover your strengths, and having a weak handshake isn't a strong starting point. To a recruiter or hiring manager, it comes across as unimpressive, unenthusiastic and untrustworthy. So, show up with a firm, but not punishing, grip!

Give eye contact 

Shifty eyes will probably have your interviewer shifting in their seat; because no one trusts the person with the shifty eyes. Instead, make sure to look the hiring manager directly in the eye... but not like you're peering into their soul. "I think the easiest thing to do is look them straight in the eyes during the interview. This simple trait shows confidence and can go a long way," agrees Justin Taylor, an Account Manager with Procom. An effective way to ensure you’re looking interested and engaged is “direct face contact.” Try looking at different parts of the interviewer’s face every two seconds.


Shrinking violets rarely blossom. 

Poor posture can be seen as a byproduct of low self-esteem, but adopting a powerful, upright position can increase the interviewer’s perception of assurance. So you want to sit with both feet planted on the ground with your back straight. You can even venture so far as to set one arm casually on the arm rest or on the table.

Express your interest 

Go-getters tend to get what they want because they tend to know what exactly it is they, in fact, want. So don't be afraid to go after it. Marnie Pertsinidis, an Account Manager with Procom suggests, "At the end the interview, let the manager know you are interested in the job!"

Know your worth

When you believe in yourself, there's this neat little ripple effect that results in others believing in you too. Remember that you were selected for the interview because you have the on-paper education, experience and skills needed for the job, yet it's your in-person presentation that will seal the deal. 

At the end of the day, people do business with people, and they do it with the ones they like. And no one likes when cockiness is confused with confidence.

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by Procom

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