Monday Motivation | 10 TV Bosses who make Monday their minion (Part 2)

By Procom

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Ah Monday, here you are again…. Just… there. Back for another weekly round of rearing your head like some unforgiving, unrelenting beast of a thing.

Or maybe that’s just what some of us feel we resemble when we wake to stare the beginning of another work week straight in its eye (but Monday’s aren’t meant for these types of personal debates, however; so let’s carry on).

Either way, today can be tough. And sometimes the only things that can really get us through the day is an evening spent afterwards with some of our favourite fictional friends. Because they’re bosses. And if you want to get motivated, you must be mindful of the company you keep. Here’s part two of the top TV Bosses that you should work into your work week to help you slay everyday.


Patty Hewes 

Show: Damages

Occupation: Supreme Court of the United States, Lawyer

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She's steely and unpreturbed, always marching on to her next target. Patty is resourceful, brilliant and ruthless. She commands power and influence. Her exuberant - or perhaps merciless - actions cannot paint her as an anti-hero as she is often more of a straight-up villain, but her sheer confidence is to be admired. 


Mr. Burns

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Show: The Simpsons

Occupation: Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Powerplant 

Okay, he may be a tyrinical, release-the-hounds type of ruthless billionare. but one can't deny Montgomery Burns his shrewed, critical thinking prowess or drive for complete domination in his (Spring)field. And also, as evidence would suggest via the "Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of EXcellence," he does show appreciation for his employees. 


Olivia Benson 


Show: Law and Order: SVU

Occupation: Seargent, New York Police Department: Special Victims Unit

She's tough, she's compassionate, she fights for what's right and she doesn't compromise her own morals or the badge she wears to get the job done. Our girl Liv fights for justice and always has the backs of her detectives. She doesn't back down  - whether it's a beauratic shakedown or a sociopathic kidnapper bent on her demise. 


Frank Underwood

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Show: House of Cards

Occupation: President of the United States of America 

President Underwood may, infact, be all that is corrupt, manipulative, and in many ways, purely horrid, but he also understands his own weaknesses. As villianous as he is, President Underwood has also honed the power of persuasion and is determined to reach his goals -- withought being intimated by any obstical. 


Donna Paulsen


Show: Suits

Occupation: Former legal secretary, current COO 

Donna is the ultimate team player who is fiercely loyal to her Harvey Spector Litt family. And although she isn't a lawyer, Donna is the glue that holds the firm together. She's the one you need in your corner and who will fight for you and for what's right. She works hard and isn't afrad to ask for what she deserves -- as per her recent promotion to COO.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard


Show: Star Trek

Occupation: Captain of the starship USS Enterprise-D

This Commanding Officer is moral, logical and an intelligent leader who values ethical actions over expedient ones. Sometimes the greatest challenge an organization can face is complacency, and this Captain isn't afraid to challenge his team to help them grow-- especially whenever a Klingon vessel uncloaks!


Walter White

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Show: Breaking Bad

Occupation: Highschool chemistry teacher turned ..... Business man? 

Walter White isn't afraid of a career change, and he also isn't afraid to go up against the biggest in the buisness to tackle the trade. The infamous Heisenberg also cares about his product, very much, and refuses to put out anything sub par. He is ambitious, picky who he does business with and wily at eluding competition... and if nothing else, perfecting your profession is something to admire.


Briana Hanson

Show: Grace and Frankie

Occupation: CEO 


She had some big shoes to fill when she took over Grace's business, but Briana's assertiveness and no-nonsense attitude allow her to reign with an astute sense of confidence. Her killer wit and ability to understand  the importance of a well placed attitude helps Briana make the tough decisions while maintaining family relationships and business. (And keeping an aweome wardrobe.) 


Bobby Axelrod

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Show: Billions

Occupation: Investor

Bobby is a self-made man in a very cut throat industry, yet he sticks to his principles and is consistent in his actions. If you want to get a head, you can't be afraid, and Bobby doesn't stay safe in his comfort zone. He chases his dreams and makes calculated risks to ensure big irewards.


Annalise Keating 

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Show: How to get away with murder

occupation: Lawyer, Professeor

Annalise is smart, self-posessed and doesn't take nonesne from anyone -  not her students, clients or in her personal life, and she does whatever it takes to get the job done. She's raw and flawed, yet never lets it get in the way of the workplace or her career. 


So, unless you're an independently wealthy Sleeping Beauty, there's no avoiding Monday mornings-- or the rest of the work week. But if you can take some traites from these TV Bosses ( definitely not all of them), you're in the right position to wink strtaight in the face when it rears its head. 

Who do you want to see on the next Monday Motivation list? Let us know in the comments! 


by Procom

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