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monday motivation to act like a boss


Here’s the thing about Mondays… they aren’t going away. Ever. There will always be another Monday. It’s just that kind of day that rudely skulks beneath the chill surface of the weekend, waiting and ready to pounce on an unsuspecting life-liver. But NOT TODAY, Monday! Not on July 24th! Today is a day of motivation. So, be a boss and make Monday your minion by following in the footsteps of these silver screen office slayers.


Harvey Specter

The go-getter

Occupation: Lawyer/Partner

Place of business: Pearson Specter Litt

He's the best closer in NYC; known for his "winning" attitude. Sure, Harvey tends to tred within the gray area of his moral compas en route to achieving his goals, yet he has an undieniable passion for getting there.

He isn't afraid to go after what he wants. And Harvey gets it-- because he makes his own luck.


Rupert Giles

The mentor

Occupation: Librarian/Mentor

Place of business: Sunnydale High school

Though not a workplace boss per se, Giles was the boss. Doubling as Librarian and Watcher, he guided Buffy and her motely gang of vampire slaying, demon vanquishing, hellmouth-guarding high schoolers as they battled every week to save the world from the undead. Giles was a pillar of knowledge, guidance, patience and an englishmen's poise amid the constant threat of teenage rebellion and world destruction. 

Let us pay homage to one of TVs greatest mentors. 


Leslie Knope

The perseverance queen

Occupation: Deputy Director of the Pawnee Parks Department/ City Councilwoman/ Head of the National Parks Service

Place of business: Pawnee Parks Department/National Parks Service

Well known to roll up her sleeves and toil long hours alongside the rest of the staff, Leslie was kind of like the perfect boss. She works tirelessly, believes in herself and in her team, genuinely loves her job and also never lets setbacks let her down. Did Leslie allow a recall from the Pawnee City Council stifle her ambition? No! She kept persevering, eventually reaching an even higher stage when she's named Head of the National Parks Service.

Leslie knows the importance of priorities. And best of all, she gets stuff done... and then some.


Lou Grant

The Protector

Occupation: News director/City editor

Place of business: WJM-TV/ Los Angelas Tribune

Lou started his career presiding over TV news anchors in Minneapolis and ended up leading a crack team of journalists at a daily paper in L.A. He is a strong leader who understood the importance of human connections. Protective of his staff, Lou demonstrated what bringing values and a strong work ethic can accomplish at any level of your career.

He backed his staff, their work and the stories they conveyed. 

And whether he was the lovable grumpy boss on the The Mary Tyler Moore Show or the dead-serious editor on his own hour-long drama, Lou had a thing for spunk. 


Ari Gold

The honest honcho

Occupation: Co-founder, former Sr. Partner & co-CEO

Place of business: MGA/ previously TMA

Similar to Harvy, Ari is aggressive and laser-focused on driving value and achieving his goals. And although he may not be the level of human one may aspire to, his sense for business can be applauded. He couldnt care less about office politics and isn't afraid to confront the incompetent. Yet one of Ari's best (or least) qualities, however, is his brutal honesty. And when it comes to juggling your career and personal relationships, we all know honesty is the best policy. Because after all: happy wife, happy life, right?

And if you're into the Ari Gold way of life, his approach may make sense... 


Olivia Pope

The decision maker

Occupation: Chief of staff

Place of business: The White House

As a leader, you need to be decisive and not afraid to make the tough calls. Olivia doesn't take anything from anyone, and she follows her gut. And whether it's the right or wrong move, she's confident in her choices-- even if others disagree. Confidence is key when it comes to getting what you want. 

Because sometimes things just need to get handled. 


Michael Scott

The lovable leader 


Occupation: Director of paper distribution/previously Reginoal manager 

Place of business: Dunder Mifflin

Dunder Mifflins main man made a lot of mistakes that could have you thinking he wasn't fit for the job. But in the end, his charisma and passion for the company was just what it needed. Michael didn't take himself too seriously, which added to the company culture. Being affable with his employees created the type of work atmosphere that got the best of of them.

...and sipping your sweet morning nector from a World's Best Boss mug can really say it all...


Daenerys Stormborn

First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons

Occupation: Khaleesi

Place of business: The seven kingdoms 

Becuase winter is here. Enough said. 


And although you may not be a millionaire, demon destroyer or the Mother of Dragons, you still got this! (Now that's monday motivation!)

by Procom

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