MUSIC MONDAY: 10 Throwback 90's Tunes to get motivated

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They aren't days typically reserved for throwback related posts that some may deem more hashtag appropriate to a Thursday.

However, today is meant for motivation, and music's mellifluous ability to inspire surpasses such social things. And these 10 throwbacks will have anyone motivated to start making moves towards their next great opportunity. Check out today's Procom playlist:


1.TLC, No Scrubs


"It's catchy." - Daria Gourianova, Client Services Associate

"Its just a upbeat song that you and your girls can sing the lyrics too."- Eniola Akinsara

 2. Third Eye Blind, Semi-Charmed Life


"Reminders me of summer when I was a kid in the 90's!"- Kristina Di Nunzio, Client Services Coordinator

3. Weezer, My name is Jonas


"Close to 20 years after the song's release I finally learned the lyrics.  Now I "show off" this knowledge to the aggravation of my wife, a die hard Weezer fan."- Brennan Tilley, ICAP Manager

4. Sugar Ray, Fly


"This song has been in my head since Mark McGrath surfaced with (regrettably) blond hair on Celebrity Big Brother." - Courtney Jones, Digital Marketing and Content Strategist 

5. The Verve, Bitter Sweet Sympohony 


"It was my cruising song. Rolling around in my Forest Green Ford Aerostar with windows down and the song blaring." - Aaron Ingersoll, Application Developer 

6. Len, Steal My Sunshine


"It's just a fun Canadian group, and the beat reminds me of the park in summer." - Charles Liikson, Technical Recruiter

7. Nirvana, Nevermind (full album),


"Iconic grunge rock!" - Sean Barclay, Managing Director, Raleigh 

8. Spice Girls, Wannabe 


"I loved to sing Spice Girl tunes with my little girl, Danielle!" -Valerie Anderson-Migliore, Technical Recruiter

"It's my childhood!" Julina Throop, Technical Recruiter 

9. House of Pain, Jump Around


"Because of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire!" - Sara McKnight, Manager of Learning and Development

10. Michael Jackson, Dangerous  


Are you working with a staffing agency (with excellent taste in music) to find your next great opportunity? 

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by Procom

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