Music Monday : Boy band edition

By Procom

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Many could probably confess to feeling a certain typa way about them.

They're often kinda like that song. You know.... That heinous one manacled to your brain without earbuds, trapped in there to torment like Lou Bega's Mambo no. 5.

Luckily for the world, however, and your work week, earth has been blessed with perfectly packaged singing sensations whose harmonies soothe our days and our souls.

They’re the poster worthy princes of pop who have the power to motivate anyone on any day, so if you want to turn down the Monday blues, turn up these boy bander tunes. 


Hanson - MmmBop


 Listened to by Courtney Jones, Digital Marketing & Content Strategist

"I also just very recently purchased a wonderful Hanson OG t-shirt for $5 at a Queen W. pop-up shop..."


 *N'SYNC - This I Promise you 


 Listened to by Valerie Anderson-Migliore, Technical Recruiter

"Took my then 10 year old daughter to her first concert - N Sync!  :)"


The Beetles - Come Together 


 Listened to by Marnie Pertsinidis, Account Manager

"It's not really my favorite, but boy bands aren't really my thing either."


Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (with my Heart) 

 Listened to by Jamie Faulkner, Client Services Coordinator and Afshan Arouj, Client Services Coordinator

"I grew up to the Backstreet Boys so it takes me to my happy place "

"I had a crush on pretty much all of them when I was a child, and wanted to marry one!!! :)"


*N'SYNC - Bye, Bye, Bye


 Listened to by Justin Taylor, Technical Recruiter and Daria Gourianova, Client Services Associate

"I can't help but sing and dance when this comes on!!!!" 

"It was one of my childhood jams."



Kris Kross - Jump 


 Listened to by Vincent Kwok - Technical Recruiter 

"Does Kris Kross Jump count? Cause they so trendy!"


LFO - Summer Girls

Listened to by Courtney Jones - DIgital Marketing and Content Strategist 

"...Cause you look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch."


New Kids on the Block - Please don't go Girl

 Listened to by Courtney Jones - Digital Marketing and Content Strategist

"NKOTB just has the right stuff....."


Backstreet Boys - I want it that way 

Listened to by Hilary Fisher - Technical Recruiter 

"My one DE SIREEEEE- Reminds me of my childhood."


Bell Biv Devoe - Poison 

Listened to by Charles Liikson - Technical Recruiter

"Cause they were on Fresh Prince." 

Whether you're working with a staffing agency or on your own to find employment, just take it step-by-step and you'll land the one you love.

by Procom

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