National Talk in an Elevator Day: 15 Tidbits we learned

By Procom


Mom said it, “Never talk to strangers.”

And mom is usually right, so you should probably listen to your mom. But not about these strangers, and not today. Not on the last Friday of July! For you see, today is National Talk in an Elevator Day, and talk to strangers we will!

There’s something slightly unnerving about standing in a crowded elevator when silence ensues; it’s just weird. So, it often takes that one brave soul to break the uncomfortable silence -- as is usually the case in the face of such awkward encounters-- and dare to trouble a fellow traveller with conversation.

And who knows what wonderous tidbits one can learn…. Like these 15  epiphanies from Procommers who dared to raise their heads from their phones in honour of this momentous occasion:

Tidbit 1 - Puppies make people happy

 “The person’s dog was there. It was a King Charles; I always forget what those are called, but I probably will remember now.”

- Malvina Przybylak, Receptionist


Tidbit 2 - The freight elevators are the right elevators

"The freight elevator. It's old school and reliable and it's the only one that goes up the 17th floor. I just know it's reliable.  Watch, I'll get stuck in it tomorrow."

- Katherine Sachsenidis, Contract Administrator 


Tidbit 3 - You can make the right connections 

"Evening plans. That in addition to working in our building, Jill is a server at a nearby pub. I will probably go to the pub tonight."

-Brennan Tilley, ICAP Manager 


Tidbit 4 - Raptors fans still exist

"The Blue Jays. He was also a Raptors fan. Nice to know there are other Raptors fans in the building."

Julian Lopez, Technical Recruiter


Tidbit 5 - Networking opportunities are everywhere

"What they do for a living. What they do influences me because it's a good way to network with other people, and you never know if they know someone that needs a job."  

Gregory Carathimas, Administrative and Recruiting Assistant


Tidbit 6 - Shoes are a good ice-breaker

"Shoes. I was able to find out of course the brand but also his job title and company he works for. I was able to make a relationship with him by asking a very simple question of 'where did you get those shoes?!'"

Justin Taylor, Technical Recruiter 


Tidbit 7 - Smoking cigarettes still happens in 2017

"Smoking. The person has been smoking two packs a day for 40 years and still kicking :) Made me think, 'How much time does he have to be able to smoke two packs a day, does he even have time to work?'" 

Sam Wan, Technical Recruiter 


Tidbit 8 - (some) People genuinely love their jobs

"Work. They love what they do. Made me appreciate my work."

Maymuna Abdi, Client Services Coordinator

Tidbit 9 - (and some) People are genuinely rude 

"Mentioned new lighting in lobby being very bright. Met with mute stare."

Marnie Pertsinidis, Account Manager


Tidbit 10 - You can always learn and grow

"I asked the lady beside me how her week has been and what company does she work for within the building. There are many great individuals working within the same building. It helped me feel more confident/outgoing to talk to strangers."

Miranda Ng, HR summer student


Tidbit 11 - Castor oil is multi-purpose 

"Beauty tips. Castor oil helps hair grow. I bought Castor oil, which I did not use. But good to know (smiles)."

Richa, Client Services Associate 


Tidbit 12 - Kindness can go a long way

"Complimented someone on something they are wearing; you can make someone's day better. It made me feel good that I made someone smile."

Afshan Arouj, Client Services Coordinator 


Tidbit 13 - Vitimins help hair growth

"What types of vitamins help your hair grow? I am going to buy Silica!"

Christa Mancino, Account Manager


Tidbit 14 - People want more WFH options

"Working from home. People like to work from home more often. Seems like most of us have the same sentiments :)"

Mary Gella, Technical Recruiter 


Tidbit 15 - We're still human 

"Talked about the week going slow. It's great to communicate with different multi cultural people."

Salima Bhanwadia


How are you celebrating National Talk in an Elevator Day? 


by Procom

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