National Wine Day: 12 Grapes to pair with recruitment gripes

By Procom

staffing agency wine day

It's Friday, May 25th. 

Today is National Wine day. And it's a day to savour. 

Because sometimes you just want to enjoy the fruits of your labours.... 

.....And then sometimes, the day just decides it's in dire need of grapes. Because the grind didn't come to fruition, and you require something a little bit fermented to soothe the soul. 

Recruiting is a rewarding career and service, but sometimes a shiraz-situation can occur during any stage of the recruitment life cycle.

So, if you share any of these recruitment gripes—or are suffering from your own, grab a friend, a glass and enjoy National Wine Day! 

Stage: Recruiting 

staffing agency cab sauv2.pngGripe: "Client came back to say that candidate interviewed didn't have SQL skills and our screening practice had been escalated to HR project office"

Grape: Bulgariana Cabernet Sauvignon

"Went back to Client to confirm that SQL was never requested in job order, nor referred to in candidate submittal and candidate confirmed that she was never asked about it in the 30 minutes she was there."



fantini staffing agency.jpegGripe: "Candidate was a 'no show' for an interview."

Grape: Fantini Farnese Sangiovese 

"Eventually we heard from the candidate that he had to leave town unexpectedly for a "family emergency - not solved. Farnese Sangiovese: All I can afford if I keep making deals like this one."




staffing agency wino.jpegGripe: "Candidate was declined as he 'quit' his last assignment with the same employer."

Grape: Vinos de Arganza Lagar de Robla Premium 2012

"The candidate should have understood that quitting an assignment before the work is done is not considered to be professional and may have repercussions."



Stage: OnBoarding

port staffing agency.pngGripe: "The person kept saying paperwork was coming. It never did."

Grape: Passadouro Porto Ruby Reserva

"The Contractor could have been honest and told me that she was waiting on other opportunities, instead she ignored mine, the AM's and the Client's calls and emails. Checked her LinkedIn, she started the a position. Just be honest!"




tasty staffing agency wine.png

Gripe: " A candidate claimed to have no understanding of the contract but objected to numerous clauses even after explanation; not flexible at all. I'm currently waiting for the client to agree to change in MSA in order to move ahead."

Grape: Passo del Sud Appassimento

"The candidate should probably ask to see a contract prior to engaging with a new agency, as she has clear restrictions around what she considers acceptable and as our contract is not different than most agencies, this is likely not the only time she will run into this issue.  As well, clearing these issues up front will not leave the Client waiting for her to sign."


staffing agency wine pick.pngGripe: "After months of submitting my candidate, we finally got an offer. He immediately became difficult during the OnBoarding process, then quit after 2 months for a 'better offer.' One month later he contacted me as his new role didn't work out."

Grape: Apothic Crush red blend

"He could have been professional and completed his contract, thereby ensuring we would work with him again."



Stage: Payroll

secret staffing agency wine.jpegGripe: "Consultant would not respond to any emails/ phone calls, and had not submitted timesheets in weeks."

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon by Kingston’s Estate

"I reminded the consultant that he will not be able to receive his pay without submitting timesheets. He submitted."




grenache staffing agency wine.pngGripe: "Candidate submitted timesheet at the end of the week instead of on the last day of the month. Timesheet was processed and paid and he only noticed when he couldn't enter time on the next period."

Grape: Domaine Lafage Vignes Magiques Grenache

"The candidate could have referred to the timesheet schedule sent to him, however; we also try to email them a reminder when they first start, as they are not yet familiar with the process."



rose staffing agency.pngGripe: "There was a delay because of an issue with a contractor's background check. While we were waiting for an update from the Client, the contractor was super active in following up for updates. As soon as the issue was cleared up, the contractor vanished and wouldn't return his paperwork in a timely fashion. Eventually they sent their stuff in, after many follow ups... "

Grape: Gassier Sables d'Azur Rosé 2016

"Just because it SEEMS like a contract is a sure thing does not mean you can ignore your OnBoarding contact when they need a document. We're here to help you, not to annoy you about the signature you missed on page 2."



Stage: OffBoarding

staffing agency wolfe blass.png

Gripe: "Client advised us on the last day of consultant's contract that there was supposed to be a pay rate increase for the last month of the contract."

Grape: Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz

"I prepared the SOW for the Client asap, back dating the effective date of rate change, and got the paperwork signed by both Procom and the Client."




red staffing agency wine.pngGripe: The consultant delayed the submission of his late timesheet."

Grape: Hacienda Araucano Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

"I advised the consultant that without the submission of his last timesheet, Procom is unable to release ROE, and his final payment. He did and we did."




fat bastard staffing agency wine.pngGripe: "A Sole proprietor ended in August 2016, and never requested Procom to issue him Record of Employment upon the end of his contract. He was now looking for the ROE and unhappy that it wasn't issued. 

Grape: Fat Bastard Syrah Pays d'Oc

"I advised the consultant that it is upon request that we issue ROEs to SPs. I provided him with his consultant earnings report, and advised him that he can access all these details through Flextrack. Finally, I asked back office (accounting) to issue the ROE to Service Canada. He was happy with the effort."

Sometimes... one just really needs to soothe the working woes with sips of the vino. But remember, hiccups can happen anywhere. Are you working with a staffing agency to find your next opportunity?

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by Procom

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