Hiring managers: What you say vs. What they hear in a job interview

By Courtney Jones


Unless your daily sustainability is derived from the proverbial silver spoon- we all need it.

9-5 isn’t so bad if you’ve found out what you like doing best, and then found someone to pay you for it. Yet how does one go about securing such a desirable existence?

Well, unfortunately, it most likely requires subjection to a particular level of scrutiny. And although you may posses a particular set of skills, it's indeed possible to succumb to an unfortunate bout verbal gymnastics if you're nervous in the hot seat.

Press play to find out the most common “What you say vs. What they hear in a job interview” as posted by FastCompany, and then don’t say what they do…. or say what they don’t.

….Because no one really has time to argue semantics on a Monday. Motivation people. Motivation.


by Courtney Jones

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