4 tips to falling back into work after summer vacation

By Courtney Jones

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It’s official. Starbucks released its Pumpkin Spice latte today. So that also basically means it must (unofficially) be fall. And if you’ve taken the summer to yourself, at the risk of being branded the bearer of bad news, it could possibly mean the official start of back to work.

However, don’t despair! When you feel the back to work blues lurking in the back of your brain, try these tips to even out your equilibrium.


  1. Prioritize the MIT

The key to post-summer productivity is identifying the Most Important Task—and then knowing what you need to do to get it done. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you come back to emails and deadlines, but once you get into the singular mindset, it’s much easier to accomplish the plethora of projects waiting for you one at a time.


  1. Erase the email slate

It’s probably going to be a daunting task, but it’s one that you can overcome without too much of a Herculean effort. Instead of reading your emails chronologically, sort through them by sender or subject instead. The aim of the game here is to discover what happened instead of when things happened. The technique also allows you to get rid of old news updates or expired Groupons. Bye!


  1. Dress to impress (yourself)

Remember back to school shopping? Sure, the ads that popped up mid-August felt like a personal betrayal, but how good did you feel in your first day outfit? We’re not talking about breaking the bank for a new wardrobe here, but adding a few new pieces to your collection can have you walking with an extra pep in your step.


  1. Give yourself a break

Cutting yourself some slack doesn’t mean you’re slacking off. You may feel as though you need to go into the office with guns blazing, but getting back into the saddle may take a few days. And that’s okay! It’s going to be a transition to find your post-summer the work rhythm. As long as you stay focused and relaxed, your work routine will re-emerge.

So, while you’re very busy with the business of getting back to business, remember: You got this.

by Courtney Jones

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