5 Benefits of job searching during the holidays

By Courtney Jones

The holidays.

Two simple words that have a tendency to bring out the festive cheer or bah hum bug blues in us all, but if you find yourself dwelling within the unfortunate realm of the unemployed during the festive season—things may not be seem so jolly. While the employed are earning the bucks to pay the post-spending bills, the inactive employee is debating whether or not hiring managers are operating business as usual. They are! So, don’t miss out on the best present you could give yourself this holiday season: a career you love! Here’s how:

  1. Gain an advantage over the competition

It’s a common misconception that companies aren’t hiring during December, so conventional wisdom tells Job Seekers to take time off during the holidays. When you submit your resume, the crowd of candidates is thinner, allowing you to stand out from the rest of the crowd even more.

  1. Network at events

Holiday parties are prime prospecting events. Use parties, family gatherings, receptions, community activities and other special events as a way to connect or reconnect with those who can aid you in your job search. You never know who you might meet to help you along the way.

  1. Send a greeting

Your felicitations needn’t be reserved for family and friends. Consider sending season’s greetings via holiday cards to former co-workers, bosses, clients, vendors and other such connections of a professional nature. Not only are you nurturing your network, you’re also ingraining yourself within theirs, heightening your chances of uncovering any potential job leads.

  1. Volunteer

There’s never a bad time to establish and cultivate your professional identity. Volunteering during down time allows you to hone skills at a place of interest that can help those in need and your resume.

  1. Start the New Year off motivated

Perhaps most importantly, revving up your job search during the holidays means you don’t slow to a standstill. Job searching can be frustrating, but when you keep your momentum up when others turn theirs down, the diligence will take you into the New Year with a mental leg up over the competition.

The only thing that should be put on the back burner this holiday season is the pot of carrots. Don’t let the stress of the season divert you from finding a great career opportunity.

by Courtney Jones

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