5 Job interview questions the right fit should ask

By Courtney Jones









There’s that something about a new pair of jeans when they fit just right. They feel good, you feel good, and there’s a general overall sense that it was meant to be. That’s what it should feel like when you come across a career opportunity that you know should be yours-- like you’re looking for that go-to pair of jeans. You applied for a job because you liked what you saw, you meet with a potential employer to gauge the fit, and if you just know it’s the one for you, these are the questions you should ask to make it yours:

1. What do you like most about the company?

Corporate culture is important. This question gives you a chance to get an insider’s perspective into what it’s like to actually work within the company.

2. What are the top traits that your best employees have in common?

Performance matters. This questions gives you an insight into what your employer will expect from you. A company can’t operate with just a single personality trait, but asking this will give you a good
indication as to whether or not the company and position are up your alley.

3. What are the company’s core values?

Of course you’ve already done your due diligence and scoured the company website and literature—(these could be found there), but directly asking what the company believes in shows that you care about what the brand is striving towards.

4. What is the top priority for the person in the position within the first 90 days?

This is a helpful question to ask because it shows your intention to perform and take initiative; it also helps you delve into knowing what your potential employer’s expectations are. If you get the role, you’ll also know what to focus on from the beginning.

5. What are the company’s goals for this year?

Asking about the company’s goals will give you a good idea about the direction and ambition of the brand. Can you rally behind them? Can you contribute to making them a reality? Do they get you excited about wanting to be a part of the strategy?

The right fit is out there. And it’s waiting for you. Asking these questions will give you a good indication as to whether or not the position and company you’re looking at is the one for you.

by Courtney Jones

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