5 tips to land a job in tech (Part one- transferable skills)

By Courtney Jones

tips to land a job in techSo you wanna be a tech superstar?
And live large, a big house, five cars?

Well, we may have gotten a bit overzealous with the whole five cars thing, but Cypress Hill’s Rap Superstar lyrics seemed to really radiate Monday motivation… and although the correlation is tenuous at best, inspiration is inspiration. Right?

So, whether you’re a recent grad lacking experience or experienced in the workforce but seeking a career change, try listing these transferable soft skills on your resume to communicate you’ve got the skills for tech super stardom.

Transferable soft skills

  1. Analytical/research proficiency

Being able to look at data and draw conclusions from the numbers, whether its monitoring web traffic to website performance, is a primary skill for IT professionals. Entire careers revolve around these solutions, and these kinds of skills deal with your ability to assess a situation and gather more information if needed.

How to demonstrate on your resume:

  • Mention any tools that directly relate to research and analysis like Microsoft Excel or Google Analytics.
  • Describe any experience with a client where you analyzed any data sets, compiled reports or wrote any content for a tech site. Remember a client could still be a friend, family member or acquaintance.

Example: Analyzed client’s metrics across social media platforms for weekly reporting, resulting in implementation of new content marketing strategy.


  1. Ability to multi-task

Being able to prioritize multiple tasks and quickly adapt to managing assignments and budgets is extremely important in tech. There are often bug fixes and updates that need to be made- some of which could be crucial to the organization’s bottom line. Knowing which task to prioritize is a crucial skill to have.

How to demonstrate on your resume:

  • Mention any project management and/or productivity tools you’ve used like Asana, Basecamp, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.
  • Highlight any experience where you’ve taken on a leadership role in project/team management where you’ve handled multiple tasks at once.

Example: Managed social media scheduling across platforms with Hootsuite as well as formatted and scheduled all upcoming blog posts in WordPress, increasing traffic by 15%.


  1. Ability to innovate and problem solve (creatively)

Taking a creative approach to problem solving shows you’re a forward-thinking worker who envisions preventing glitches before they even happen. Highlighting creative skills where you were able to troubleshoot issues “outside the box” in ways in which others have not thought of brings a fresh perspective to any project or team.

How to demonstrate on resume:

  • Highlight ideas you’ve implemented in previous roles.
  • List any troubleshooting solutions you’ve implemented that no one else brought forward.

Example: Developed a new website analytic tracking process to better monitor growth and revenue streams


  1. Teamwork

Regardless of any position you’ve held, you must be able to communicate and work with others to achieve the company’s goals. Even freelancers need to communicate with designers and other team members.

How to demonstrate on resume:

  • Highlight any communication tools you’ve used like Slack, HipChat, Google Hangout or Skype.
  • List collaborative aspects of your roles and the outcome of great team work.

Example: Collaborated internally with coordinators, as well as communicated progress externally with customers, delivering project ahead of schedule and on budget.


  1. Process planning and organizing

Are you “that person” with a detailed desk calendar, who plans the quarter before it starts? Do you use ready-to-go templates and checklists? You want to demonstrate that you’re organized and professional in thought, communication and workflow.

How to demonstrate on your resume:

  • Highlight specific organizational tools you use like Asana, Basecamp or Trello. And list any management processes you’ve used like Scrum.
  • As a freelancer or Contractor, highlight your project workflow

  Example: Worked alongside the content marketing manager to establish and execute a schedule for upcoming blog posts, increasing website traffic by 15%

The road to tech superstardom is getting closer! Stay tuned for part two of landing your first job in tech with the relatively easy digital skills to become familiar with and how to demonstrate them on your resume.

by Courtney Jones

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