5 Talent retention tips from the season's most villainous bosses

By Procom

The festive season isn’t always fun for all when a Grinch is stealing employee morale. Those in leadership have the power to empower staff, and all employees really want for Christmas is to not get Scrooged all year ‘round. When it comes to retaining a talented workforce, take a tip from these mean ones in management--by doing the exact opposite of everything they do.

  1. Ebenezer Scrooge: A Christmas Carole

Ebenezer Scrooge may have been one miserly villain, but he’s also the original tight-fisted cost cutter! Skimping on the heat to ensure every penny is squeezed from the bottom line would make any employee say Bah Humbug!

Take Away: Don’t skimp on the coal to line the company coffers. If cuts must be made, do so without cutting morale by being transparent in your decisions.



2. Frank Shirley: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

What's Christmas without the Griswalds? And what's a Griswold without a Christmas bonus? Deciding to do away with monetary bonuses without notice is more than a festive faux pas, it's also a pretty good way to ensure employee dissatisfaction.

Take away: Don't take staff by surprise, call a company-wide meeting with your employees to relay the news well ahead of the season, And remember...always remember, no one likes jelly anymore (probably).





3. Gin Slagel: Bad Santa

What's worse than a corrupt Clause? A blackmailing mall boss who wants in on the thieving spoils.

Take away: If you discover shady dealings, don't keep them in the dark. Address any bad employee behaviour immediately, so others don't follow suit or become disgruntled by lax management.



4. Joseph Takag: Die Hard

..............Strictly because "Scheduling a holiday party on Christmas Eve is a jerk move."
Take Away: Sure, business is business, but be mindful of employee personal time when it comes to scheduling events around special times of year or weekends.








5. Frank Cross: Scrooged

Why yes of course, it's technically a Christmas Carole remake; however, it's Bill Murray, and Bill Murray deserves an honourable mention for being awesome. But what isn't awesome is greed.

Take Away: Don't let success overwhelm your life. Sure, employees are working for you, but they're also working for themselves and their families, and recognition goes a long way to inspire loyalty.

Whether they're full-time, part-time or on contract, motivated workers are a company's best asset. Ensure a satisfied staff this season and all year 'round by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.... and by being the exact opposite of these bad bosses.

by Procom

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