5 Ways Pokemon GO is like your job search

By Courtney Jones

pokemon go and your job search

If you’ve been on the internet machine lately—or stepped outside within the last week—it’s the (augmented) reality of summer 2016: Pokemon Go is going to take over us all. And if you’re born before 1984, you may be wondering just what a Pikachu is and what exactly is going on.

It’s a craze, and we’re just crazy enough to find the correlation between the Pokemon phenomenon and your IT job search. Because, surely, if you can catch a Pokemon, you have the skills to catch an IT contract.




pokemon at pier

Whether you’re searching for a job or for the elusive Articuno (that’s a legendary Pokemon bird by the way), making connections along the way is important to achieving your end goal. Professional contacts can help put you in the right direction of a great gig, and meeting new friends en route to a PokeStop can also help you unlock primo opportunities. Schmoozing at a conference with hundreds of other professionals and chasing a Wartortle at the Santa Monica Pier with hundreds of other players: same thing.



water pokemon

When recruiters are looking for Candidates for a specific job, they use something called a radial search to locate potential fits closest to the job location. If you’re looking for a developer job within the city of Toronto, ensure you have a Toronto area code listed on your resume and the keyword developer within the body. It’s just like how you find the Pokemon in their real-life habitats—like Water Pokémon are more common near bodies of water, Ghastlys in grave yards, grass-types in parks, etc. Location-based Candidates and Pokemon searches? Obvious connection.



The Approach

pokemon skill level

You gotta switch it up. Whether you’re sending out your resume to land an interview or throwing out Pokeballs to thwart a Zubat, the blanket approach won’t work to get what you want. Your resume should be specifically tailored with keywords and achievements for each job you apply to—just like how your stealth moves need to differ per Pokemon for capture. For instance, you wouldn’t apply to an analyst position with your resume showing all graphic design experience; just like one would never approach a red level Pokemon for capture using green level skills. Rookie mistakes, both.




different pokemon teams

Being a part of a team is the main job hunt goal, and it’s no different than when you’re hunting for Pokemon. When a strong Candidate is chosen to fill a positon, it’s because he or she demonstrated their strengths in the areas that will make them an asset to that team. In level 5 of Pokemon GO, (when a player is considered strong enough), he or she can join gyms. This is where they hone their capture skills and join a team to play together. Being a strong team player helps get the job done in both worlds.




pokemon mobility

It’s a fact that 43% of Job Seekers have used their mobile device in their job search. It’s also a fact that, as of yesterday, Pokemon Go has over 15 million downloads in the U.S to an Android or IOS device. The fact of the matter is, Job Seekers and Pokemon players are mobile, they’re everywhere and they’re not stopping anytime soon.


Whether you’re a Job Seeker waging an employment battle or a trainer battling for Pokemon prominence, some similarities can’t be ignored when you feel like you….

Gotta catch ‘em all…..

by Courtney Jones

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