6 Signs that your job interview isn’t going well

By Courtney Jones

There’s this thing about interviews...

They can often feel as though the person on the other side of the table is holding your future in their hands. And most hiring managers have a habit of keeping a poker face that masks any cues as to how you handled their questions. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and more often than not, you have no idea on which side to place your bet.

They may be holding all the cards, but these subtle signs can hint that you aren’t going to be walking away the victor:

  1. It’s short and sweet

In this case, timing isn’t everything, but it does matter. A successful interview should be around a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes. If it’s going really well, it can go longer and you will meet with more than one interviewer.

  1. You’re walking on easy street

If the hiring manager isn’t asking you any hard questions, there’s a chance that you aren’t being seriously considered for the role. When you aren’t given the opportunity to demonstrate how you problem solve and think on your feet, it may be believed that you don’t have the skills or experience related to the job description.

  1. You aren’t told about the next steps in the hiring process

If the next steps in the process are vague or the hiring manager continues to reiterate that they still have other candidates to consider, chances are: The process has ended and there are no next steps for you.

  1. The hiring manager seems distracted

Are you noticing that the conversation isn’t running very smooth? Is there a lack of eye contact? Did the interview end with you receiving some “friendly career advice?” You could have made a poor first impression or another candidate could have made a super star one, leaving the hiring manager to just go through the motions with you.

  1. You aren’t being sold

If you aren’t hearing about why the company is such a great place to work, it may be because they don’t think you’re the right fit to be working there. Sure, you want to sell yourself and your skills, but when an employer finds the candidate the company wants to hire, they want to sell you on why you would want to be a part of the team.

  1. The silence is very loud

When there are long gaps in between questions or you feel like the hiring manager is trying to think of what to ask next, it can be because he or she doesn’t know how to handle their lack of interest. Sure, it could be a hectic day, but if it seems like your resume is being viewed for the first time or your background is completely foreign to them, it could be because interest has dwindled.

It’s probably a given that if you try to bluff your way through a job interview, you aren’t going to get very far. But even if you come prepared and lay all your cards on the table, you still may lose. Stay positive, keep going and don’t lose sight of the great opportunities ahead!

by Courtney Jones

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