6 Things to bring to your job interview

By Courtney Jones

what to bring to a job interview

Preparation. It’s the preemptive approach to employment, and a proactive strategy in any career battle. When one is waging a candidacy combat, he or she should never go into battle without being prepared.  So when it’s time to win over the hiring manager, keep these things 6 at the ready.

  1. Your resume

It’s easy to assume the hiring manager will have a copy of your resume on hand, but presumptions are never a safe bet. So always bring along multiple copies of your CV. You may be meeting with more than one person at the company, or a printer may have broken. Having the foresight to bring multiple copies of your scribed successes demonstrates your ability to be prepared for a variety of possibilities.

  1. A pen and notepad

When you’re a party to any professional meeting, it’s second nature to bring along your pen and notepad. So when you’re meeting a potential employer, it’s beneficial to adhere to the habit. It’s likely that important facts and figures will be discussed and being able to recount them when it comes time to send your follow up email or decide between competing offers is pretty handy. You can also write your pre-prepared questions down in the same notepad, ensuring you bring them.

  1. An over-the-shoulder holder or folder

This simply means bring a bag or folder with you. Pulling your resume from your pockets doesn’t quite give the best professional impression. So organize your papers in something that’s small enough to hold under your arm but large enough to hold all the essentials.

  1. The job description

When you arrive to the interview around the 15 minute early mark (because YOU WILL!), it’s a good time to re-familiarize yourself with the role right before you go in. A fresh perspective, coupled with being in the physical location, can reignite the initial passion for what got you excited about applying for the position.

  1. Education documentation

Did the role your applying for require certain certifications or qualifications? Bring them along with you, or if you can’t bring the original, bring a copy. You may not be asked to present them, but keeping them on hand demonstrates a proactive nature.

  1. Your portfolio

If you’re in the creative industry, a portfolio is a must-have. So you may have examples of your work on a personal website or a physical folder. However, if you’re in a non-creative industry, you may have client testimonials or revenue figures you want to showcase. Bring a hard copy of these achievements and have a link to your online portfolio included as well. Because showing is telling.


Remember: Being prepared should always be part of your employment plan.

(And in case you’re wondering why this piece has been peppered with so many P’s…. there simply isn’t any particular reason).



by Courtney Jones

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