6 Ways to jump start your 2017 job search via social media

By Procom

social media job search 2017 is coming.

That may not have sounded as ominous as when Ned Stark warned of Winter, but when you’re a Job Seeker currently dwelling within the realm of the in-between, it may seem just as perilous if you didn’t get the career you craved for Christmas. With all that holiday spending, employment in the New Year is probably sounding like a go-to resolution. If you were one of the many who took time off the job hunt during the season, you can jingle all the way to one you love by taking advantage of these tips:

1.Clean up your social channels

If you don't think employers are checking you out online as much as they check out your CV, you need to check yourself! Take the time over the holiday season to scrub your social media profiles and remove anything that would make employers second guess hiring you. Start here for a step-by-step guide.

2. Increase your viability on LinkedIn

If you don't have that many connections or don't have your updated work experience, start connecting and updating stat! Your LinkedIn profile is basically your online resume-- and people are looking (in 2016, 94% of recruiters used LinkedIn for recruiting purposes). Not only is this platform the #1 social network to professionally connect, it's also your best defense against bad Google search results because Google typically places LinkedIn at, or very near, the top of any search that matches the name of the person being Googled.

3. Make a Facebook update

Facebook updates are basically an online megaphone--which can be used for far greater  than posting selfies and hot spot check-ins. Leverage this tool to let your network of friends know that you're in the market for your next great opportunity. Facebook literally a collection of friends and acquaintances who,if they made your friend's list, have your best interest at heart and referrals from friends can go a long way. Maybe someone is hiring for a position your skilled in or knows someone who is.

4. Join groups 

Are you a part of any LinkedIn or Google+ groups? You should be if you want to rub digital shoulders with like-minded professionals and subject matter experts. Establishing yourself online by joining conversations with posts and comments that add value to a problem or topic highlights the very value you can bring to a team.

5. Start following influencers 

Twitter is a great place to interact with industry influencers. If you have a twitter account, search for some of these heavyweights and start reading and sharing their content. Comment in the comment section of their blogs (only if you've actually read the piece) and share them on your own stream-- but don't get creepy. Use your discretion to not come off like a cyber stalker.

6. Use hashtags

Employers, recruiters and hiring managers will usually accompany a new job position with an appropriate hashtag. Tags like #hiring #job and #ITjob are commonly used, but you can drill even deeper and search for specific industry hashtags associated with job roles.

The only thing that should be put on the back burner this holiday season is the pot of carrots. Don’t let the stress of the season divert you from finding a great career opportunity.


PS: Winter really isn't coming until Summer 2017... If you know what we mean.


by Procom

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