7 tips to beat the Monday blues

By Courtney Jones

The symptoms are undeniable and the cure often elusive, but it doesn’t take a PhD to diagnose a clear-cut case of the Monday blues. Not too many alarms are immune to the snooze button when manacled to the nine to five work week, but these tips may offer some respite from Monday’s motivation killers and get you in the mood to own the day.

Set the mood with music

Music can be the best medicine. Studies show music releases mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain. So this tip is basically science and probably irrefutable. So set your alarm to wake up to your favourite song and put on a playlist that gets you amped for the day.

Dress like a boss

When we look good we feel good—this is also probably a scientific fact, proven somewhere when a killer outfit slayed the day. Clothes have a tendency to build our confidence and dressing for success may be the key to unlocking your Monday. (Not that you don’t look great every other day, but perhaps save that awesome new outfit for the first day of the week for some extra oomph.)

Treat yourself

Whether you’re opting for eggs and bacon over the usual fruit and granola or splurging on that fancy coffee, make Monday your day to make it count. Because everyone should get a prize for putting on pants.


Smiling, like laughter, can be contagious. If the possibility of opening a landslide of emails is a dreadful prospect, do something that makes you smile first, like read a motivational quote… or watch a cat video—whichever strikes your fancy.

Pump up the Endorphins

Getting in an early morning workout at the gym or breaking up the day with walks is not only beneficial to your health; exercise also releases Endorphins within the body. Endorphins make people happy, and happy people have better days.

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Procrastination has a habit of eventually getting around to causing stressful situations. To make the beginning of the next work week easier, take care of the things you least want to handle at the end of the previous one. Make that uncomfortable call or resolve an outstanding issue, you’ll feel better knowing it’s over.

Plan a post-day plan

Your day shouldn’t be about battling through Monday to get it over with, but rather about having something to look forward to at the end. Make a plan with friends, eat your favourite dinner or catch up on TV shows you recorded—the day shouldn’t revolve around simply going to the office and home again.

Wake up your motivation when you wake up Monday and every day with these tips, so you don’t sleep on any great career opportunities.

by Courtney Jones

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