It's a zoo out there!

By Courtney Jones

12 Office personality types

The workplace is prime spotting ground for watching different breeds of human interact outside their natural habitat. Some can co-exist while others should probably just face extinction. How many have you sighted?

The passive aggressor

Though they won't openly complain about others' lack of dedication, the passive aggressor has no problem letting you know how late he or she stayed the night before. Like the wild boar, this species is cunning and evasive-- often hard to hunt.

The Backstabber

This person likes to pretend he or she is your friend just to get close enough to your great ideas or to bad mouth you to management. Like a snake in the grass, this species can be tricky to spot.

The slob

This is the person who brings fish for lunch, lets his or her spaghetti sauce explode all over the microwave or spills coffee droplets on the counter without cleaning them up. Like the pig, this species is totally fine working in a sty.

The chatty Kathy

The chatty Kathy can be counted on for at least 30 minutes of "who cares" chatter a day. Like the parrot, this species doesn't care if anyone is actually listening or not-- they just can't keep their chatter to themselves.

The delegator

The delegator loves to act like the boss and assign tasks but never really does any work of their own. Like the Queen Bee, this species thinks it's his or her job to make yours harder.

The workaholic

The workaholic is typically an aggressive, independent, ambitious and rigid type of person. They're the first one in and the last one out and can't actually believe you have a life outside work. Like the Great White, this species is merciless, hard to stop and eats anyone in the way.

The noisemaker

The noisemaker is the person who's always whistling, singing, humming, gum-snapping, knuckle-cracking or chair-squeaking with zero apologies. Like the barking dog, this species is completely oblivious to how infuriating he or she is to anyone around.

The gossip

The gossip could perhaps be the most detested of them all. This person loves discussing a co-worker's plight, salary differentials or who's going where with who. Like the jackass, this species is often bored and easily amused.

The overly ambitious intern

The overly ambitious intern could have seemed great at the beginning-- enthusiasm is contagious! But now they're popping over your shoulder every other minute and you're counting down the days until they're back in the classroom. Like the eager beaver, this species has good intentions, but can be rather annoying.

The injustice collector

The injustice collector is a Debbie downer who does nothing but complain about other co-workers, their workload, management or the colour of the sky. It doesn't matter. Like Grumpy Cat, this species just has nothing to smile about.

The over-sharer

The over-sharer doesn't understand the boundaries of too much information. He or she has no sensor what-so-ever and has zero problems telling you about their personal life or bizarre health issues. Like the baboon, this species has no shame.

The backbone

The backbone is the person you can count on to get the job done no matter what. They just make things happen. They may not necessarily be the pack leader, but they're reliable. Like the elephant, this species never forgets.

by Courtney Jones

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