Action verbs, statements and your resume: Can you spot the ones to use?

By Courtney Jones

Action verbs, statements and your resume: Can you spot the ones to use?

When it comes to your CV, recruiters and hiring managers don't care about what you were supposed to do in your former roles, they want to know what you did, Do you know the proper words to use to best describe your accomplishments? Try our quiz to find out!

Which sentence is correct?

Evaluated training manual for errors

Responsible for the editing and proofing of training manuals

Which sentence is correct?

Used SalesForce funnel protocols successfully without errors

Demonstrated 95% efficiency with SalesForece funnel protocols

Which sentence is correct?

Duties included setting up all corporate meetings

Facilitated corporate meetings across multiple locations

Which sentence is correct?

Increased website traffic with digital marketing campaigns

Increased website traffic by 25% within 90 days of new campaign implementation

Which sentence is correct?

"Spearheaded a team that launched..."

"Hard working team lead that launched..."

When it comes to your headline statement, which line would you include?

"Highly qualified individual..."

"10+ years' experience in Java development..."

When it comes to your proficiencies, would you say you're:

Proficient in Microsoft Word

Adept at learning and using new programs with minimal training

How do you end your resume?

"References available upon request"

With your contact details at the bottom of the page

You may need to brush up on your skills!

You may need to brush up on your resume writing skills, but down worry! You've come tot he right place. Try these tips to get your resume on point:

You're resume ready!

Congratulations! You're on the right track to getting your foot in the door. Try our interview quiz next to get you ready for the next step:

by Courtney Jones

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