Applicant Tracking Systems: How we find you

By Courtney Jones

applicant tracking systems and job seekersIt’s an interesting process when you’re looking for job. Because just as you’re seeking a place to work—we’re also actually seeking you.

As a Job Seeker, you use the best tools you can to land a gig you’ll love, and when a recruiter is looking for the best possible candidate for their client, they use tools like Applicant Tracking Systems to find the right fit, and that’s how we find you. Procom uses Bullhorn, a clever little management robot that’s basically a CRM for humans.

How does an ATS work?

 When you submit your resume through an ATS, a CRM like Bullhorn stores it in its database. The recruiters then search for keywords for the particular job opening. If your resume contains the keywords they want, then the ATS will rank you higher in the search results. The keyword searches include the skills and experiences specific to the particular job opening. Recruiters can even command Bullhorn to search its entire database of resumes to look for Candidates with certain qualifications. This means that even if you submitted your resume a long time ago and never got a response, recruiters can still find it, because it’s stored in Bullhorn—forever.

So when you’re on the hunt for employment, just remember, we’re also on the hunt for you—and so are the robots.

by Courtney Jones

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