How to attract (and retain) creative workers

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You know who they are.

They’re the odd ones. They’re the envelope-pushing thinkers who refuse to accept money, position or stability as their status quo. They create, innovate and push forward on paths that may lead more analytically inclined minds astray. 

You know who they are—these creative types.

And you know you need them.

But how do you get and then keep these elusive yet ever-effective round pegs in the square holes? Try these tips:

1. Build and brand an evangelical business

Creatives want to leave their mark; they want to make a difference. So, you need to get people talking about your plans for a better future. This means, you're required to take your individual passion a step further and create a message or cause that encourages others to join your company's movement. Remember when Netflix took rainy days staring at an empty Blockbuster shelf and turned the dismay into digital delivery?  If your business is a brand that has a clearly defined vision of a better future, creatives have a tendency to flock towards an opportunity to make it a reality.


2. Shake up the hiring hierarchy

Creatives just think differently. So, when you interview, you need to think differently too. Instead of going the traditional route beginning with your HR department, let the team manager do the initial talking. Then, involve the people and teams he or she would be working with. As a business, you’re way more likely to inspire passion if the desired hire can see your projects and get a sense of how they come into fruition. Sure, there’s a place for HR in the hiring phase, but creative types tend to be more inspired when fully immersed within their atmosphere, and they may lose interest if you save this stage to the end of the hiring process. 


3. Fuel innovation

Every project has scope, but a true creative will never be a robot to someone else’s vision. Fuel innovation by actually giving creative freedom; it’s the lifeblood of what keeps them breathing and their ideas booming. Autonomy gives the creative mind the ability to devise new ways of making the old better, fostering a mind path that can move your business forward. Remember, creatives don’t see what something is, they see what it can be. 


4. Be flexible in your environment

You don’t need to fully Google out your office, but creative minds tend to rely on their environment to get the juices flowing. If you operate in a startup culture, this won’t seem too difficult, but if you’re in a more corporate atmosphere, you may need to accept the fact you’ll have to offer a space that encourages more movement, flexibility and even fun. Many companies are pushing the boundaries of office culture by including ping pong tables, sensory features and open layouts. Again, you don’t need to go Google with bean bags, but you do need to create a space that's a step away from the conventional, rigid business environment. Four white walls will drive a creative up one quick.


5. Create a team and offer perks

A perk of being in a managerial position is access to staff incentives. Your current employees represent a vast talent pool with their personal and professional connections, and nothing creates employee advocacy better than cool perks and rewards. AND since we all know it’s more than money that attracts the creatives, perks are a massive motivator. Social events like team lunches, beer carts, sporting events, pub nights, team collaborations and employee birthdays all contribute to a culture that’s geared towards teamwork and family.

If you want a creative mind to work for you and your business, you’re going to have to have to work for it. And remember, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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