How long would you survive in a horror movie?

By Courtney Jones

How long would you survive in a horror movie?

We've said it once, and we'll say it again: When it comes to surviving horror movies (and job interviews), there are very specific rules! How long would you last? Take our Procom Halloween quiz to find out!

Prologue death

Uh oh. You couldn't even make it through the first 5 minutes. You actually got taken out before the opening credits even rolled just to show that there's something lurking for everyone else to deal with.
Stop being so curious about weird sounds and stuff!
You'll want to learn to follow the rules if you want to make it in the real world.

First to bite the dust

Sure, you out lasted the prologue death scene, but you probably ran up the stairs instead of going out the front door. Investigating that creepy noise probably wasn't worth it, right?
You'll want to learn to follow the rules if you want to make it in the real world.

Next to last

Whatever took you out is still alive, but you sure put up a fight! You almost made it to the end and most certainly did not go gently into the night. You definitely bought the sole survivor enough time to escape.
So that's something, right?
Learn to brush up on your skills, so you don't come up second in your job search as well.

Sole survivor!

Nicely done! You made it to the end in one piece! Did you come upon a weapon to fend off the monster? Maybe you used your outstanding wits to outsmart it and get away? Or perhaps you remembered these rules? Regardless, you won!
You've taken out the bad guy, now take your new-found transferable traits and kill it in your job search as well.
Ps... Sorry about your friends and stuff...

Second to go

Did you ignore the obvious danger around you and sneak off somewhere for some illicit or inappropriate behaviour? Psycho killers HATE that! Maybe it's a jealousy thing?
Learn to follow the rules if you want to survive in the real world.

It's go time. How prepared are you when it comes to physical confrontation?

I'm a lover, not a fighter

I've been waiting for this moment my while life...

Anytime, anywhere. Let's do this!

I'm not a fighter, but I'm dangerous if cornered!

It's party time! Choose your poison:

I'll have a beer.

I'll take the highest-proof liquor. Taste don't matter

I don't drink... What else you got?

The hard stuff, thanks.

I'm driving, water it is.

Which high school character do you mostly identify with?

The misunderstood jock

The geeky brain

The bully dealing with his own demons

The popular girl

The quiet girl people think is weird

Uh oh! We're all out of beer. Can you grab some from the garage?

Sure, be right back, guys!

Yeah, but not going alone; it's dark and creepy in there.

Yeah, but I'm taking this baseball bat with me.

Yeah, but I'm taking my bf/gf for some private time...

You just ran a mile without stopping. How do you feel?

This is what will be the death of me.

Can't breathe and vaguely nauseated.

Phew! That was tough but not that bad.

I can do a few more miles if I had to.

You're out camping with friends and you venture off alone on firewood duty when you hear a strange noise. What do you do?

Call out, "Hello?" or "Who's out there? Guys?"

Turn on your flashlight and investigate

Nope! Don't do scary noises. Heading back to the group now!

What kind of student were you?

A+ all the way! I also really liked extra curricular activities like cheerleading and football.

I went to class, did my thing, passed every time. No big deal

Barely went to class. I'm smarter than the teachers.

I came. I saw. I plan on graduating.

Imagine you've just emerged victorious after a battle with a killer. What do you do next?

Walk away.

Stare down and gloat over the body.

Be sick and cry uncontrollably.

You've watched The Walking Dead. Destroy the brain or heart to make sure it's dead.

Do you have a history of saying nasty things to those you feel are your social inferior?

Of course not, no.

There are some moments I'm not too proud of.

You mean those losers?

I'm pretty sure we're all kinda equal.

You're hiking in the woods and you spot a bear cub ahead. What do you do?

That's SO CUTE! I wonder if I can get any closer...

Where' there's a baby, there's a mama... run away... fast!

Ignore it and find another path.

Wait for mama bear to show up and take the sucker down. Bears are dangerous!

by Courtney Jones

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