Job hunt talk: Resume language to lose

By Courtney Jones

Job hunt talk: Resume language to lose

Your resume is prime real estate, and it shouldn't be hoarding the over-used and out-of-date linguistic obvious. Can you spot these 5 cliched statements to delete from your job hunting lexicon? Take our quiz to find out.

Hire me! Because...

I'm detail-oriented and organized

I've increased revenue by x amount

I interact effectively with individuals of all levels

Hire me! Because...

I'm capable of handling multiple projects concurrently

I'm proficient with Microsoft Office

I'm quick to adapt to new technologies

Hire me! Because...

I'm passionate and driven

I've improved processes to save costs

I've launched campaigns with proven results

Hire me! Because...

I volunteered at (related professional event)

I created internal engagement programs, improving employee morale

I have references available upon request

Hire me! Because...

I won new business

I'm a team player

I managed a team across multiple locations

by Courtney Jones

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