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Laws of Attraction: Contractors and Contracts

By Procom



Like any relationship, there’s an initial attraction that must exist in order to peek one’s interest. And when it comes to Contractors and contracts, the same laws of attraction apply.

Procom polled over 3,000 Independent Contractors asking what aspect of their contract attracts them most to the job. Here’s what they said. Do you agree?


29% of respondents would choose a contract that can help nurture and grow their career.


19% desire a contract that offers a work/life balance.


17% think money matters most.


13% are attracted to the types of technology they will be using.


8% look at the type of role they are going to be playing within the organization.


7% Pay attention to the proximity of the contract to where they live.


4% believe the right cultural fit to be most important.


3% pick the duration of the project as their most attractive attribute.

When you're on the look out for your next contract, what attracts you most? Let us know!

by Procom

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