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Job search mistakes: How to lose a recruiter in 10 ways

By Procom

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Ah, Valentine's Day.

Whether you suspect you've got a handle on Cupid as a commercialized heart hustler or have fallen in love with the fact that the arrow-wielding fellow is all that is happy-ever-after, the fact remains that Valentine's Day is about relationships. 

And relationships are hard. They require work and compromise and a bunch of other such things that make a mutually-beneficial partnership worth it. Yet that bond can unravel faster than Kate Hudson’s post rom com career when unfortunate habits rear their ugly heads. 

When you're on the job search, you need to be on your most professional behaviour, so certain circumstances must be avoided. Like these ones.

Here's how you'll lose your recruiter in 10 ways: 

1. Refusing to revise your resume

Admittedly, resume changes can be tedious, but they’re necessary to tailor your talent and work history to each position. Recruiters want to show what a great fit you are to their client and a refusal to revise your resume will also show you’re reluctant to take instruction. A candidate who won’t work on their own profile may be seen as one who won’t work well with others or take direction within their role. 

2. Following up again… & again & again

Your staffing agency wants you to get hired! And if you’ve built a strong relationship with your recruiter, they’ll be happy to hear from you (just not every day). The average time span from the release of a job order to start date is 21 days. So, to stay on the radar but off an ignore list, keep your follow-ups to a maximum of twice per phase and at least 24-48 hours apart.

3. Going MIA

Did you get another job offer? Great! Did you not inform your recruiter whose been working hard to find you work? NOT great. It doesn’t only make you look bad, it makes your recruiter look bad to his or her client as well. This is definitely a bridge burning scenario. If the job you accepted didn’t work out, you’re vanishing act will stay on your file in an Applicant Tracking System. Forever.

4. Accepting/Rejecting

Rejecting multiple offers without valid explanations or accepting one and backing out at the last minute are two certified ways to find yourself on the blacklist. Commitment issues will communicate that you can't be trusted by your recruiter or their client. 

5. Lying about credentials

Lies are credibility killers. Over exaggerating your skills or experience level will lead to your recruiter unintentionally overselling you to their client (if they haven't already become wise to your ways). And even if you can excel in the position without the experience ask, do you always want to be looking over your professional shoulder waiting for your tall tails to be exposed? 

6. Self-entitlement

Yes, it’s a recruiter’s job to find the perfect fit for both their contractors and clients, but it isn’t their expressed duty to find you a job. (Of course they want to though!) It's often frustrating to be patient in your professional endeavours, but when your recruiters finds an opening that they believe is a perfect experience, skill and cultural fit, you can most def. expect a call.

7. No shows

Didn’t show up to an interview? You’ll probably never show up on a recruiter’s radar again. Remember the files? Files stay forever.

8. Too much finance finagling

Sure, money matters. But when a recruiter tells you the maximum rate and you agree, it’s bad form to try to re-negotiate when it comes time to sign on the dotted line. Be transparent in your payment expectations from the beginning, so money doesn't become an issue later on.  

9. Being too hard to contact

Quit playing games with their hearts. 

Playing telephone tag, not responding to emails or straight up ghosting wastes valuable time. And you can end up losing out in the long run. You should be prepared to answer your phone or get back to a recruiter within the hour. This is a situation when being "too available" is a good thing. 

10. Not being prepared

Recruiters work hard to get you in front of the hiring manager and they receive interview feedback. If you weren’t prepared and didn’t take the interview seriously, chances are you’ll be working with someone else on your job search.

There's always just that something that fuses the perfect relationship.And just like your personal connections,  you can always create your own professional chemistry.

Science is cool. 

Are you looking for your next great opportunity? 

Apply to an IT job today!



by Procom

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