(Not so obvious) job interview tips

By Courtney Jones

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No matter how many jobs or contracts you've had, it's hard to get really good at interviews because we just don’t do enough of them.  It is easy to forget between contracts or perm employment opportunities what you did right the first time around and what may have lost you the role, so we've put together a list of (not so obvious) interview tips right from our Procom recruiters.

What tips and tricks are out there for being a great interviewee?

In-person tips!

  1. Review on LinkedIn who you're meeting
  • What roles have they had in the past?
  • What similar connections might you have?
  • Come Prepared by reviewing the Job Description and researching anything current in the news about the product/service offering, etc.

2. Know your own resume

  • Don’t read from your resume
  • Be confident in the projects you have worked, your accountabilities
  • Speak to the Project overall but be specific about personal achievements and not speak about the team (we)

3.  Dress For Success

  • Make sure you are Appropriately Dressed- it is better to come over dressed than under dressed to the Interview
  • Shine your Shoes
  • Don’t wear heavy scents/perfume
  • Shower/Groom prior to the interview

4. Be on time

  • Arrive to your destination 30 minutes early, announce yourself 10 min early
  • Avoids stress of running late for traffic or transit delays
  • Not running to interview or time to call agency or reception if can’t find
  • Don’t announce too early because the other person feels guilty waiting to receive you

5. Don’t bring a Coffee/Food to Interview

  • Come Prepared as a professional for meeting, this is not a coffee shop. They may offer a drink but don’t bring your own
  • Don’t chew gum
  • Don’t have anything beeping, vibrating, etc.
  • Do Bring 3-5 Copies of your resume that has been tailored for this job by yourself or the Agency Recruiter
  • Do turn off your Phone

6. Make a Positive Impression in the First 5 Minutes

  • Be Friendly/Alert
  • Have a firm handshake- no limp fish or hand breaker
  • Be on the same non-verbal page as the interviewer- sit up straight, don’t slouch, look in the eyes

7. Have some solid examples Ready

  • Weakness
  • Strength
  • Success
  • Failure
  • Turnaround Strategy

8. Never Be Negative about an Ex Employer

  • Always talk about what experiences you took from another project/company

9. Be Clear and Concise

  • Make your point and stop talking
  • Ask qualifying questions if you don’t understand

10. Be An Analyst

Clients only hire if they have some kind of need, so identify the problem and sell yourself as the solution. If you don’t know something, explain how you can learn it.

  • What transferable skills do you have that could apply?
  •  If you have partial skills- talk about the 50% you know well but don’t pretend on the other 50%!

11. Have questions prepared

  • Don’t ask questions that have already been answered
  • “Are there parts of my experience you need me to qualify?”
  • Sum up the interview by expressing interest in the role
  • Close Strong


Phone Interview Tips

  • Make sure won’t be interrupted
  • Smile when you Talk
  • Look in a Mirror
  • Moderate your Pace- take deep breaths
  • Don’t Interrupt- harder with no non verbal queues
  • Careful not to drone on
  • Ask if they want more Details

Skype Interview Tips

  • Make sure Skype Name is professional and your picture is appropriate
  • Dress like you would for normal interview
  • Avoid unprofessional or distracting backgrounds
  • Test your Connection
  • Make Eye Contact with Camera
  • Be aware of background noise
  • Good Posture



by Courtney Jones

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