3 tips to land a job in tech (part 2- the resume)

By Procom

tips to land a job in tech part 2So you wanna be a tech superstar?
And live large, a big house, five cars?

Well, we may have gotten a bit overzealous with the whole five cars thing, but Cypress Hill’s Rap Superstar lyrics seemed to really radiate Monday motivation… and although the correlation is tenuous at best, inspiration is inspiration. Right?

So, whether you’re a recent grad lacking experience or experienced in the workforce but seeking a career change, try learning and listing these (relatively) easy digital skills on your resume to communicate you’ve got the skills for tech super stardom.

  1. Image editing

Image editing is useful in a range of positions- not just design jobs. Even content marketers may need to tweak an image for a blog post that a designer had sent over.

How to demonstrate on your resume:

  • List any courses you’ve taken- even if it’s just in-house Photoshop training
  • Highlight specific tools your familiar with- even on a personal level like Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva

Example: Edited graphics with Photoshop to help readers visualize complex information on company blog


  1. HTML

In one way or another, HTML is found on every website—it’s basically the foundation of the internet machine and spans the entire tech industry. So whether you’re a designer, developer, digital marketer or growth hacker, you’ve had experience with HTML even if you aren’t aware. Have you ever formatted an article on WordPress or tweaked something on your company’s website? Congratulations! You’ve worked with HTML.

  • List any courses or specific certifications like Skillcrush or Blueprint
  • Include a link to your Github profile if you have project repositories on it
  • Include any Wordpress or MailChimp formatting experience you've had

Example: Created HTML table-formatted email newsletter designs to be used in MailChimp marketing campaigns


  1. SEO

These days, the internet machine is run by robots and humans, and Search Engine Optimization affects how a website is ranked by Google. It’s pretty important, but quite easy to become familiar with.

Are you a copywriter, content writer or digital marketer? Have you ever been responsible for writing optimized blogs with keywords for a website or Meta descriptions for Google? Maybe you’ve used Google Analytics to track and measure user insights and behavior? But remember, it’s all about numbers; quantifying matters.

How to demonstrate on your resume:

  • List any certifications or courses taken
  • List specific tools you’re familiar with like Moz Pro, Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress or SEMrush
  • Proven results! Were you able to increase website or blog traffic using SEO strategies? Remember, this could be for your own site, your current company or a friends! Results are results.

Example: Implemented SEO services that increased site traffic by 40% in less than two months.

The road to tech superstardom is getting closer! Stay tuned for part three of landing your first job in tech with tech interview tips to bring to your in-person interview after your resume has beaten the bots and made its way into human hands. If you missed part one of our three part series, you can check out the transferable soft skills that you need and how to demonstrate them on your resume here!


by Procom

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