Who said it?!

By Procom

Who said it?

Whether you love them or love to hate them, these (in)famous bosses made it pretty easy to remember them. But do you recall who's wise words of wisdom belong to whom? Try our Friday quiz to find out!

"I don't hate it. I just don't like it at all... and it's terrible."

Michael Scott, The Office

Dave Harken, Horrible Bosses

Don Draper, Mad Men

"Never follow a hippie to a second location."

Katharine Parker, Working Girl

Margaret Tate, The Proposal

Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

"A piker asks how much vacation time you get in the first year. Vacation time?"

Gordon Gekko, Wallstreet

Jim Young, Boiler Room

Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wallstreet

"Details of your incompetence do not interest me."

Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Bill Lumbergh, Office Space

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

“I am very good at what I do. I am better at it than anyone else. And that is not arrogance, that is a fact.”

Walter Skinner, X-Files

Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty

Olivia Pope, Scandal

"My voice is giving out so I'm going to poke you for an hour or two."

Angela, Family Guy

Mr. Slate, The Flinstones

Mr. Burns, The Simpsons

"You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself."

Don Draper, Mad Men

Mr. MacMillan, Big

Gordon Gekko, Wallstreet

"I drove to work in an $80,000 Mercedes, and I’m going home in a prop car from the Fast and the Furious. I just don’t see it."

Michelle Darnell, The Boss

Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen

Ari Gold, Entourage

"There's more to leading than being in front. The best leaders lead by example not by mouth."

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Judge judy

Uncle Phil, Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Judge Joe Brown, The People's Court

"I know you've been working your tail off for that promotion... But I'm not sure I can trust you."

Dave Harken, Horrible Bosses

Dr. Julia Harris, Horrible Bosses

Bobby Pellitt, Horrible Bosses

........It was a good try!

So we may have been off a little on the "wise words of wisdom" part, but happy Friday anyway!

Nicely done!

So we may have been off a little on the "wise words of wisdom" part, but happy Friday anyway!

by Procom

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