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Today, Thursday, March 8, 2018 is International Women’s Day.

And today, more than ever, there’s a feeling of global activism towards gender parity. And while we know it won’t happen overnight ( World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report findings tell us gender parity is over 200 years away to be precise), men and women around the world are joining the movement of advocacy, activism and support.

And it’s a good thing too, because here’s the thing: By 2020, there will be 1.4 million open tech jobs in the U.S. and, at the current rate of students graduating with degrees in computer science, men will outnumber women 4:1. And women are still earning about 77% of their male counterparts’ earnings.

Change doesn’t just happen. We have to make it happen, and each one of us can be a leader within our own spheres of influence. To raise our collective voice, we asked Procommers to shout out the powerful women of Procom who #PressForProgress. Here are they are:


Heather.jpgHeather Gemmill                                                                Account Manager, Toronto

"Heather has hit the ground running since joining Procom. She consistently meets and exceeds expectations and does so with a pleasant, professional manner. She is great asset to Procom as a professional and is also terrific person to be around.  Positive manner and great work ethic!" - Valerie Anderson-Migliore, Technical Recruiter, Procom Toronto 


alisha.pngAlisha Wright                                                                  Account Manager, Dallas

"She always helps me out and encourages me. Thanks for all the help. Very much appreciate it!" - Gregory Carathimas, Administrative and Recruiting Assistant, Procom Dallas



danielle.pngDanielle Bateman                                                              Account Manager, Toronto 

"Danielle is the epitome of #GIRLBOSS and motivates her team to be the best versions of themselves, inside and outside the office.Thank you so much for your support over these last few years. I appreciate it more than you know!" - Kristina Di Nunzio, Client Services Coordinator, Procom Toronto 



Colette.jpgColette Dishakjian                                                              Operations Manager, Raleigh  

"She is absolutely incredible - she holds this office together. She is the guru of all operational related questions, concerns, issues. Will drop what she is doing to assist you. Just amazing! You are amazing in every aspect of the word!" - Justin Taylor, Account Manager, Procom Raleigh



marnie.pngMarnie Pertsinidis                                                              Account Manager, Toronto

"She is always supportive and pushes me to strive for better in my career. Thank you for being an awesome manager! :)" - Daria Gourianova, Client Services Associate, Procom Toronto

"Marnie is very knowledgeable about the industry and always available for advice.  We have worked together for over 15 years and I have learned a lot from her.  I rely on her judgment and we have made lots of successful placements together. Marnie has always been a mentor and teacher in my career, giving solid advice and support when I was starting out.  I value our working relationship and friendship." - Valerie Anderson-Migliore, Technical Recruiter, Toronto


Delia-1.jpgDelia Alves Fagundes                                                        Team Lead, Client Services, Toronto

"Delia is super knowledgeable, works hard, and inspires others do their best. Hey Delia, you are awesome!" - Afshan Arouj, Client Services Coordinator, Toronto 



WendyK2-1.jpgWendy Kennah                                                                Director of Recruitment, Toronto

"Wendy's energy and dedication towards encouraging both men and women to achieve their own success must be exhausting...yet day after day there she is...... Supporting my wild ideas, always looking for ways to innovate and juggling a super busy work/life schedule to prove women can do it all.  Thanks Wendy!" - Courtney Jones, Digital Marketing and Content Strategist, Procom Toronto 


patty.jpgPatty Niles                                                                          Controller, Toronto

"Starting as a bookkeeper, Patty has worked her way tiresly to the top as one of Procom's most important controllers. Patty is a wonderful example of the power of women both in and out of the workplace." - anonymous   


Thursday, March 8, 2018 isn't for a country, a group or an organization. International Women's Day belongs to all groups. Collectively. Everywhere. And together we can all #PressForProgress. 

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