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Monday Motivation: Moves that get you ahead

By Procom


Monday. It's seems like a pretty average day, doesn't it?

But the thing about average is… well, it’s average. And although that's ok for some days and for some people, others strive for more than the general masses.  

Yet, even those not-so-Average-Joes still sometimes need a dose of inspiration. 

If you find yourself motivated to make some moves today, here are 4 of the ones that will help you get ahead:

1. Become a mentor

If you’re looking for a platform to prove that you’re management material, practice what you preach by taking on a leadership role and mentoring a less experienced colleague or intern. Knowledge sharing, showing support and collaboration are all traits of successful leaders and ones that are noticed by those when they're in the position to hire or promote. Not only are you building relationships, you're also building trust in your abilities. 

2. Take a course 

Investing in knowledge pays off in more ways than one. To management, you're demonstrating a dedication to continuous learning; which for them, proves you're looking for new ways to innovate, create and drive growth. For yourself, being knowledgable in a niche field or achieving certain professional designations can open doors for positions that come with higher responsibilities, pay rates or salaries.

Taking an online or in-class course will help fill the gaps in your industry knowledge and help you hone in on weak spots in your skill-set. Many reputable colleges and universities support free online programs, so you know your time is well spent. 

3. Build a reputation as an influencer

Two fast facts: 69% of job seekers won't accept a position with a company if they have a bad reputation, and 54% won't hire someone for what they found about them online. 

And what are employers looking for? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey:

  • 61% care about information related to job qualifications
  • 50% care if you have a professional persona of any kind
  • 37% care about what other people say about you 
  • 24% will look for any reason at all not to hire you

In today's digital world, personal and professional networking platforms are at our at our fingertips, and anyone has access to us at anytime. So, it's easy to impress in your sleep by having a reputation as an expert in a niche field or being a subject matter expert on a particular topic. Twitter and LinkedIn are major platforms for creating an audience and building a reputation as an industry influencer. 

How? Start creating original blog topics and other content on your field of interest and share using the appropriate hashtags on Twitter -- which you'll research first, of course. You can also start conversations and demonstrate your insight by sharing curated content with value-adding comments that drive conversation with current influencers. LinkedIn is the number one professional platform for professionals, and also a great hub for building communities.

An engaged audience is a great advocate for your reputation as an influencer and a candidate for a powerful position. 

4. Get involved

Building your internal network and making yourself known across your company and industry offers an opportunity to increase your knowledge-level and visibility when it comes to advancement. At a minimum, join an internal committee or lend a hand in upcoming events. Show your desire to grow by making introductions and seeking opportunities to learn from the people around you who are more experienced. If you really want to go to the next level, inquire about your company’s internal or international mobility options. Completing a secondment in a different area, offering to visit other locations or volunteering for an internal transfer will not only show your commitment, but also gain you the opportunity to learn new skills and get a different view of the company’s operations. If you're on a short-term contract, try these tips for a permanent consideration. 

You don’t need to keep up with the Joneses to keep your goals on track, but if you keep up with these tips, you’re on the right track. 

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by Procom

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