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3 Quick & easy questions to ask a hiring manager

By Procom


When you’re in the business of seeking new business relationships, asking the right questions not only provides you with insights on the employment potential, but also demonstrates that you really mean business when it comes to your interest in the company. And although there are lots of great questions to ask, here are three quick and easy ones to remember if you want to impress the hiring manager and gain clarity on your candidacy. 

1. Can you tell me a little more about the team I'll be working with?

Inquiring about the individuals who would be a part of your team shows that you care more about just the job description and compensation package. Ana Algernon-Lugan, a Technical Recruiter with Procom, agrees, "This shows you are interested in more than just the job; you want to learn about the team culture and also determine if the position is a good fit for you as well."  

2. Did someone previously hold this position? If so, what did they do to be successful in this job? 

Technically, this is a two-parter, but both will help you delve deeper into the company's expectations of your position. "You want to know if someone got promoted, eliminated or if it's a fresh role," Ana explains. "This shows you want to know what their expectations are, and you learn about how to be successful in the role." 

3. Is there anything about my experience that you need more clarification on?

Clarity. To reach it, all you have to do is ask. "You want to end the conversation knowing the hiring manager didn't have any other outstanding questions," says Ana. "It shows you are interested in making a good impression and providing as much information about yourself as possible."  

Remember, even if you've done all your research and the interview has you feeling even more informed, always ask questions. And business will be good. 

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by Procom

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