Management qualities: Star Wars Edition

By Procom


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire….


Right now, on Earth, somewhere very, very close…

It’s a period of hiring. Job seekers, striking from hidden laptops and smartphones, are battling to be victorious in their employment quest – yet competition is rife with talent.

And it takes certain qualities to achieve galactic (or job search) domination. Like the ones demonstrated by our favourite George Lucas characters.

In honour of Star Wars Day, we're arming you with the management traits to adopt in order to impress during your interview. The similarities are striking. 




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Mission-driven leaders are critical to an organization's success; they don't ask of others what they aren't willing to do themselves and lead with confidence and integrity. Great leaders aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, and work alongside their team.

"Princess Leia is able to take ownership of the job, mitigate risk, provide solutions in the face of issues and follow through to compete the mission," agrees Valeria Anderson-Migliore, a Technical Recruiter with Procom." 

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate your ability to lead by highlighting a scenario when you took on a leadership role when it wasn't your responsibility. What was the outcome?



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When leading a team, it's essential to be experienced, but it's also important to train and encourage others in their quest for knowledge. A lot of great companies offer internal development programs and other learning opportunities, but taking the onus to encourage professional development for those on your squad is a win for them and your team.

Great leaders are also able to predict, plan and adjust strategies accordingly, all while maintaining a balance within the organization. He may be small, but Yoda is powerfully wise in all these ways. 

Kim Lee, a Technical Recruiter with Procom agrees, "Like Yoda, managers need to predict, adjust and feel for the future and then have the ability to plan their actions. They need to work with what they have to win the war; not just the battle." 

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate your ability to train and knowledge share by highlighting a scenario when you trained, collaborated or mentored a fellow co-worker. What was the result?




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When you're trying to increase your bottom line, the bottom line is that you just need to get the job done. And that's what Boba Fett does. And he doesn't stop. He's thorough, resourceful and goes the extra mile to achieve his goal.

"Bounty hunting is contingency work," says Kent McCrea, Procom's Chief Operating Officer. "When Solo got captured and frozen in carbonite - that’s going above and beyond for a client!" 

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate you're determined by highlighting a scenario when you went the extra mile to achieve or surpass a goal. 




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First thing's first: Loyalty has nothing to do with the length of your employment, but stakeholders need to know that management is operating with the company's best interest in mind. And the really loyal employees don't just care about the company, they care about the people who work there too. 

"R2D2 is also loyal and reliable," agrees Marnie Pertsinidis, an Account Manager with Procom.  "And totally stopped Anakin’s ship from being ripped apart by buzz droids during the opening battle of Revenge of the Sith." 

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate your loyalty by never talking negative about any current or previous employers or co-workers.




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Risk takers are the people willing to ignite different kinds of conversations, find new ways of achieving goals and aren't afraid to push the envelope. The calculated risk taker isn't afraid to look at the big picture and tackle the odds with strategy. Management needs to innovate in order to push forward, instead of sticking to the "same old way that's worked in the past."

"He gets things done no matter what the odds," agrees Mark Perry, an Account Manager with Procom. "Most companies want a go-getter and need those type of people within the team. sometimes is good to push the envelope and ask for forgiveness."

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate your ability to take risks by highlighting a scenario when you took a calculated one, or tried an 'outside-the-box' tactic to achieve your goal. Did it pay off? If not, what did you learn to do differently? 




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Candidates who are involved in professional networks, join online groups or have a large social following are examples of influencers, and the people companies are looking to hire. Who better to advocate for the corporate cause than an internal employee with a large external network? When hiring managers see that your professional interests exceed past the work place and you have an audience reach beyond theirs, they recognise a large opportunity to raise their own brand awareness through your personal networks. 

And although he may be on the dark side, Darth does have a following.

"Darth Vador uses Jedi mind tricks," admits Julian Lopez, a Technical Recruiter with Procom, "but they can manage the Stormtroopers and influence any outcome."

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate your influence by Including your social media presence/reach in your portfolio and highlight a scenario when you started a conversation that made a difference or impact.




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Persistence pays off because the persistent person isn't afraid of failure. And when you're striving to achieve goals, that fear is an invisible roadblock to success. And employers want to know that management is dedicated to the company and its goals.

"Even when they fail, Stormtroopers don't stop trying," says Daria Gourianova, a Client Service Associate with Procom. "They don't let failure get to them. Even when they miss every time, they just keep shooting. Of course, there's some room for improvement, but they never give up in their task." 

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate you're persistent by highlighting a scenario when you didn't give up on a service issue until it was resolved, nurtured a relationship until a 'no' turned into a 'yes' or tried different ways to achieve the same goal until you did.




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Deadlines and timelines matter, but when you're working within a team, different personalities will have different thought processes and ways of achieving the shared goal. So, it's important to recognize and empathize, so you're not making impulse decisions that could create a negative situation or make a current situation worse.

"Obi-wan Kenobi has patience which is a quality that I find many candidates lack," agrees Richard Huntington, a Recruiter with Procom. "He has the ability to take a step back and examine a situation before making an impulse decision."

IN YOUR INTERVIEW: Demonstrate patience by highlighting a collaborative situation where not everyone agreed but you were able to devise an agreeable solution to achieve your shared goal.  

Now, venture forth into your quest for employment with these tips and May the Fourth be with you! 

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