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Tech talk: Programming languages to know right now

By Procom

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It’s a time honoured tradition, typically observed through mouthfuls of turkey and thankful declarations for life’s gratitudes.

And when you’re on a job search, there’s a lot to be thankful for when those in-the-know share hiring insights that can help you get a head start on the competition.

So today, on this Thursday, November 23rd, we want to honour this All-American tradition by Procommers coming together and sharing their IT job search tips, along with the programming languages our next-gen professionals need to gobble up to get the gigs.

Take a look at the cornocopia of wisdom; we hope you take a few tidbits with you. 


"Keep a portfolio handy of your work, especially for front-end web developers; keep track of the technologies you use and list them on your resume for each project...Make sure you learn Angular!"

-Vinvent Kwok, Technical Recruiter 

"Just don't follow what your curriculum covers; try to learn and absorb as much technically as you can. College / university courses are still old school and do not cover the latest technologies. Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and robotics are the future of computing, so put your efforts in the right domain. If you are really passionate about technology, then join a start-up or a start-up mentality established organization. That's where you experience the cutting edge environment."

-Vikas Vats, Technical Recruiter

"Learn AngularJS or ReactJS - The industry is moving into front-end development. You can also join front-end firms. Also, a lot of Clients are looking for fullstack developers."

-Julian Lopez, Technical Recruiter 

"Keep up with the latest technologies and trends-- Anything JavaScript related....Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS.....Also Cloud/MICROSERVICES and DevOps. There are a lot of forums/groups on LinkedIn you can also join and network."

-Justin Yusufali, Technical Recruiter 

"Learn your Javascript; Angular, Ember, or any mv* framework. Good luck!"

-Sarah Citron, Technical Recruiter 

"Remain humble and open to opportunities, someone could call you with something life changing. Learn your Java, C++, Assembly, Python though!"

-Julina Throop, Technical Recruiter

Whether you're working with a staffing agency, or on your own, it's easy to pioneer your own career when your job search includes coming together and sharing insights like these and feedback like this. 


by Procom

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