Working with an agency? Here's how to get paid on time

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It’s one of those absolute things.

Like gravity. Or the weather. Or the fact that the Leafs will never win The Cup…… (too soon....?)

There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Ever.

And if there’s another thing about time, it’s that you can always count on it to never wait on you. But you can certainly find yourself noticing the clock if you’re waiting to get paid.

When you’re placed with Procom, we also process your payment. However, we can only do so once we receive a client approved timesheet.

Take these timesheet tips into consideration to ensure you get paid (on time).

1. Understand the onus is on you

As previously imparted, Procom can only issue your payment once we receive a client approved timesheet. So submit your timesheets on time to whomever you report to. “Always submit your timesheets on time,” advises Afshan Arouj, a Client Services Coordinator with Procom. “From the time of timesheet approval, it does take time to process the payment, as per the client based direct deposit schedule. Failure in submitting a timesheet on time will result in missed or late payment.”

2. Don’t be shy

Keep an eye on the status of your submission by following up with your manager or supervisor (in a non annoying way). Payroll is a finely tuned instrument, but it doesn't hurt to be on top of things, "You may have to remind your manager to approve your timesheet, so don’t be shy to follow up with them, as your payment depends on this," says Afshan. 

3. If you're unsure, ask

Regardless if it's your first rodeo or not, if you're unsure of the payment process, ASK! Afshan advises, "If you don't understand the timesheet submission, pick up the phone and call the Client Services team." Because shy shouldn't exist when it comes to your money. 

4. Keep Procom updated 

We want to get you paid! But remember: We can only do so when we receive a client approved timesheet. So, keep us in the know if the approver changes. "If you have a new manager or your current manager is on vacation, keep Procom updated, so we can assign the right person to approve your timesheets," says Afshan. 

It all comes down to timing....

Be on time with your timesheets, so you're not waiting around to get paid. 

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by Procom

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