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Video interviews: How to do (a good) one

By Procom


It’s okay to admit it.

You were waiting by your phone. And not in the nonchalant type of waiting like when you’re staring at your screen all, Oh-I’m-just-checking-Instagram-for-the-100th-time-today-cause-I’m-addicted-to-social-media kinda waiting.

We’re talking about existing for when that screen lights up, and the number on the other end gets you feeling a certain way. For surely the hiring manager or recruiter reaching out has that effect, especially when you’re being invited to interview via video.

Because when you're given the option to impress on your own turf, you may subconsciously tap into some counterfeit confidence (that's when you don't properly prepare), and wind up underwhelming instead.

So, take these tips into consideration to turn your video interview into an in-person invitation.


1. Dress to impress

Even though the meeting is virtual, you still need to dress in the same manner you would if the interview was on site. And that means business attire. Your clothing choice indicates how you professionally present yourself, and wearing appropriate interview attire also demonstrates good judgement. Daria, a Client Services Coordinator with Procom adds, "If you're doing a Skype interview, don't skip putting on business pants. You never know what might happen and you might need to stand up during the interview; your pajama pants will definitely not impress the interviewer, no matter how nice your suit jacket is."

 ...Yet avoid white

White appears brighter on camera and could potentially distract as easily as prints or patterns. Instead, choose deeper colours like black or navy. 


2. Choose your surroundings wisely

You should try to avoid public places, yet if you don't have a home office, choose a quiet space in front of a plain wall somewhere in your home, instead, and make sure it's devoid of family photos, posters or other distractions. And on a side note,  "Please do not conduct a Skype interview while driving your car," adds Marnie Pertsinidis, an Account Manager with Procom. 

... And draw the shades

Sunlight streaming through your window can be just as distracting as that bright, white shirt. So, draw the blinds for even lighting. 


3. Check your connection  

WIFI is everywhere, but make sure yours is properly connected and the internet is working. Before you're ready to interview, ensure the area you're sitting in has a strong signal. 

... and have reference points ready

Just as you would bring in a portfolio or professional examples of your work to an on site interview, have pages ready in your browser tabs or links ready and available to send if requested. 


4. Turn off your phone

Remember, the same interview rules still apply, and turning off your phone demonstrates you respect the interviewer's time and interest in your application.

... Then take off your accessories 

If you've been outside before your interview, do a double take to make sure you don't have sunglasses resting on top of your head or a scarf still around your neck. 

Valerie Anderson, a Technical Recruiter with Procom advises, "In order to impress, always put your best foot forward by presenting in a professional manner, dress, demeanor, attitude and by being on time!"

Remember, you don't get a second chance at making that first impression -- no matter how you meet.

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by Procom

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