W(h)ine Wednesday: 11 Types of grapes to pair with recruiting gripes

By Procom

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There's something to be said about grapes and gripes.

Because they most definitely go hand in hand.

And that's (probably) almost certainly attributed to the fact that griping becomes more enjoyable with said grapes in hand – and more specifically, much more palatable when grapes are in a glass in your hand.   

Recruiting is a rewarding career and service, but sometimes a shiraz-situation can occur during any stage of the recruitment life cycle, and sometimes, one just really needs to sooth the working woes with sips of the vino variety.

So, if you share any of these recruitment gripes—or are suffering from your own, grab a friend, pair a bottle of these grapes to share, and just w(h)ine about it!


Stage: Recruiting

malbec staffing wine.jpegGripe: "The offer was declined. The candidate used the offer from the Client to go back to his current company to ask for more money..."

Grape: Trivento Malbec Reserve

"This contractor had a plan to use an offer to stay at his current company - almost two months of interviews, working with him, getting everything he wanted in an offer package - he ended up staying at his current company. During the process - I am not sure of what we could have done." 

-Account Manager 



fancy wine staffing agency.jpegGripe: "Candidate interviewed with my Client and made inappropriate comments during the meeting."

Grape: M. Chapoutier Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Côtes de Roussillon Villages 2015 

"Future candidates are coached to keep the conversation on business while interviewing with this Client. Candidate should be coached not to comment on hiring manager's appearance or make jokes about internet porn during first meetings with anyone."

-  Account Manager

reisling staffing agency.jpegGripe: "Candidate agreed to a particular rate; once an offer was extended, they came back and requested more money." 

Grape: Quail's Gate Dry Riesling

"We had an RTR acknowledged with the rate in hand.  It didn't matter to the contractor though.  He wanted to play hard ball, and had plans right from the interview request to ask us for more money.  We told the candidate that the Client had lots of good interviews and that we hold integrity in the highest regard with our Clients.  We are not willing to pay any more money, but we understand if this is a problem for him and he is allowed to walk away - It worked out.  I understand you can't do this with every job though!

                                                       - Managing Director


Stage: OnBoarding

staffing agency wine.jpeg

Gripe: "There was a delay because of an issue with a contractor's background check. While we were waiting for an update from the Client, the contractor was super active in following up for updates. As soon as the issue was cleared up, the contractor vanished and wouldn't return his paperwork in a timely fashion."

Grape: Naked Grape, Pinot Grigio 

"Just because it SEEMS like a contract is a sure thing does not mean you can ignore your OnBoarding contact when they need a document. We're here to help you, not to annoy you about the signature you missed on page 2."

                                                     - Client Services Associate 


staffing agency cab sauv.jpegGripe: "Consultant would not provide proper direct deposit details"

Grape: Woodbridge, Cabernet Sauvignon

"Send the consultant examples of what is acceptable, with screenshots and offer tips how he could obtain the documents from his bank.Read the instructional email properly, and asked questions via email or phone call." 

- Client Services Coordinator



masi staffing agency.jpegGripe: "Candidate did not send back the paper work for OnBoarding" 

Grape: Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio & Verduzzo

"Tried to call the candidate to see what the hold up was. He said he sent the paper work. I asked him to send it over again and he agreed. In the end, he didn't send the paper work and the Client retracted the offer."

- Technical Recruiter 




Stage: Payroll

chard staffing wine.jpegGripe: "Ongoing since I've worked at Procom.  We always provide Consultants access and a "how to" access Flextrack to view and print their invoices, check payment status, etc. and they continually ask, "am I getting paid this week?  Or, when am I getting paid?"

Grape: Woodbridge Robert Mondavi Chardonnay

"I always respond and confirm payment date, along with a screenshot of Flextrack and let them know they can access their payments anytime by logging into Flextrack and clicking on the InvoiceTRACK tab."

- C & E Service Manager

yellow wine staffing agency.jpegGripe: "Consultant did not provide Client approval timesheet with a daily breakdown."

Grape: Yellow Tail Shiraz

"I reminded the consultant that as per his contract with Procom, he is responsible to provide Client approved timesheet for payment processing."

- Client Services Coordinator




Stage: OffBoarding 

merlot staffing agency wine-1.jpegGripe: "I arranged a courier for the effects of a past associate to be transported from another office. The items were damaged during the transport, resulting in the ex-employee being difficult though we were trying our best to resolve the issue and ensure compensation."

Grape: Santa Carolina Reserva 2016

"I contacted FedEx regarding the procedure for claims such as these and advised what the claim amount should be respective of the damages. Understood that it wasn't our fault and that the issue was out of our hands at that point in time."

- Reception 

fat staffing agency.jpegGripe: "The candidate's contract was being terminated early, and I was unable to provide a reason for her (to discuss afterwards with manager) and she became irate with me." 

Grape: Fat Bastard Syrah

"Spoke with her calmly and explained that I was not provided reasoning at this point, however; we would do what we could to help find her a new contract."

- Account Manager


wolfblass staffing agency wine.jpegGripe: "Client advised us on the last day of consultant's contract, that there was supposed to be a pay rate increase for the last month of the contract."

Grape: Wolfblass Yellow Label Shiraz

"I prepared the SOW for client asap, back dating the effective date of rate change, and got the paperwork signed by both Procom and Client. But the consultant and Client should have told the staffing agency on time regards to the pay rate increase."

- Client Services Coordinator


Now, who's parched?

Here's hoping the rest of your work week goes as smooth as a full-bodied red...but remember, hiccups can happen.

by Procom

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