How Can Procom Help With Classification?

A guide to understanding classification and your contingent workforce

Due of the risks involved with the misclassification of workers, service providers such as Procom have embedded classification as an integral component into our contractor onboarding process.  Our contractor classification process, called VERIFICATION, has evolved over time to be current with the changing realities of contract and employment law.  With our expertise in contract labor, we can help our clients avoid the risks of misclassification – and it also protects the interests of the skilled workers we represent.

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Here’s how we can help.

If the classification process indicates that the worker is best considered an “independent contractor,” Procom will become the “Agency of Record” for that worker, handling payments and invoicing. The worker takes responsibility for their own taxes and other obligations.

Similarly, if the classification process indicates that the worker is best considered an employee, that person then becomes a Procom employee on contract, with Procom as the “Employer of Record.” Procom takes responsibility for the required government remittances and other compliance obligations.

We apply rigorous classification tests during onboarding and check for reclassification concerns throughout the worker's assignment. Our reputation with tax authorities, as well as with our clients, depends on our being able to determine how their contract workers – either independent contractors or employees – should be classified. Our VERIFICATION process includes a rigorous and well-planned system for onboarding and evaluating each and every pre-identified worker.

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Our entire process is ISO certified to ensure that each step is subject to ongoing improvements, so that during an audit the tax authorities can see that the correct procedure was followed.

Since contractor classification is key to the success of our company, we make every effort to stay up to date. We endeavor to be well informed on the current legislature, consult with the best legal and HR advisors, and ensure our process is in step with the changes, so you don’t have to.

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