Many business situations today require workers with highly specific skills, but sometimes those skills are not needed on a long-term basis – it could be to resolve a temporary problem or complete a limited duration project. This means that bringing those workers in temporarily can be a good idea. But sometimes the compliance issues involved make it to much of a challenge – things like contracting and legal compliance, payment rates, deductions, and banking. You particularly don’t want this engagement to be improperly classified, which would involve exposure to extra costs and fines.

If this sounds like you, external payrolling services may be your best option.


Saves you money: Outsourcing the contractor payrolling function to an agency gives you access to a large database of pay rates, to more accurately determine what the work is worth – and the agency can negotiate a good rate on your behalf.

Support for multiple contractor types: A solid payrolling partner has an open engagement architecture, which allows the contractor to pick how they want to engage, and then provides appropriate onboarding measures, classification support and contract agreements to fit their desired approach.

Less hassle: You don’t need for your accounting and HR people to get involved in Onboarding a new worker – the agency can handle the details.

No problems with taxes, deductions and fines: Many jurisdictions are making temporary contractor engagements a priority enforcement area. This means extra scrutiny on these workers to ensure all payroll deductions and taxes are processed correctly, and special attention to ensure independent contactor engagements are properly classified. This can result in financial penalties and higher costs. By outsourcing the payrolling function for contract workers, you can ensure all the correct deductions are make for employee contractors, and the classification risk for independent contractors is mitigated.

Contractors like it: Your contract workers will appreciate that their basis for working with you is being handled in a smooth, no-problems basis, and that they’ll get paid regularly and on time.

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