How Can Direct Sourcing Help Me?

Organizations use direct sourcing to deal with a number of resourcing challenges

Organizations have a need for talent with specialized skills 

Given the fast pace of technological change today, many organizations find themselves facing problems and opportunities they've never faced before. This means that they need workers with highly specialized skills on short notice to deal with an issue or complete a temporary project initiative.

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Many skilled workers are available only on a temporary basis

Some of the reasons that highly skilled or focused workers tend not to seek full-time jobs:

  • Their skills are so uncommon that few companies need them on a continuous basis.
  • Their skills are hard to find so they can charge their clients higher rates for being in demand.
  • They like facing new challenges.
  • They can earn enough working part-time to fund their lifestyle.
  • Mobile technology makes it easier to connect with people who need their skills.

Social networks help you keep your connections up to date

It’s now easier than ever through social networks such as LinkedIn and Google+ for you to build networks and keep in touch with your organization’s community of past and present contract workers. This means it is easier than ever to do your own recruiting, or reconnect and reengage with someone you’ve worked with in the past.

This means that for many engagements, there is no need for a recruiter, and senior managers can do it themselves, thereby saving time and eliminating recruiting fees.

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Direct sourcing as the best solution

  • You have a specialized, short-term resource need.
  • You have an existing resource in mind from a previous engagement or as a referral.
  • You don't want the hassle of negotiating pay rates or other payroll tasks.
  • You want to avoid the risk that tax authorities will consider this resource to be an employee.

If this describes your reality, direct sourcing may be the best way for you to get the results that you're looking for.


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