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Peter Carr
Vice President

Peter has 15+ years of experience in the services and technology sectors. Peter oversees Enterprise operations (approx. $3.5B in annual spend under management), service offerings and strategy. Peter has been utilized as a trusted consultant, SME, and thought leader by many of North America’s largest consumers of contingent workers for solutions in areas such as, Managed Services Provider (MSP), Vendor Management System/Solution (VMS), Services Procurement, Workforce Management, Integrated Talent Solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Peter also holds a position on the board of one of the first inner city palliative care residences devoted to the marginalized. In addition to being certified as a PMP, ITIL V3 Service Manager and receiving his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Peter has instructed at York University on the topics of Strategic/Tactical Management and Organizational Behaviour.

Peter Carr

Vice President


  Peter Carr

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Remote team management: Keeping teams motivated when working from home

To keep remote workers motivated in the current business environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, managers will have to utilize a variety of technology tools and communication methods in their remote team management strategies that encourage engagement, collaboration, satisfaction and accountability among workers. 

Remote work is no longer an attractive perk reserved for knowledge workers or business executives, instead, it’s the new and indefinite norm for essential and non-essential workers across the globe.  

Yet, despite the rising number of remote workers, business leaders and managers are facing increasing challenges when it comes to remote team management, with some managers admitting to feeling burdened with the added responsibility of keeping their remote teams engaged and productive during work from home directives. 

This means that management, both new and tenured, must continue to hone their remote team management skills so that each member of their team feels motivated and valued. 

Talent Acquisition

Which is the best payrolling option for pre-identified contractors?

In today’s competitive business climate, organizations need an agile workforce that can execute strategies and achieve corporate goals quickly and efficiently. Yet, employers must also be responsible for managing their workers’ wages, bonuses, and deductions as well as provide support during the length of a worker’s assignment(s).

It’s a complex, time consuming process, and staying on top of the frequent changes to legislation can be problematic. Any oversights will result in non-compliance, which could lead to serious fines and negative employer branding.

To stay compliant and competitive, growing organizations will typically shift from a ‘direct contractor payrolling model’ to a third-party payrolling model, either built around the selection of a dedicated supplier or through informal referrals to a variety of vendors.

But which model is the best option for bringing qualified talent quickly and cost effectively into your contingent workforce? Depending on your organization’s acquisition needs, below is a list of payrolling models to consider:

Contingent Workforce

Tips for working from home during COVID-19 outbreak

Working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak involves a combination of technologies, time management, communication and finding the best work/life balance that realistically works for you.  

The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented situation - one that's affecting all of our families, our communities and our businesses.

Around the world, precautions are being taken in the workforce to protect the health of all individuals and prevent the exposure and transmission of COVID-19 outbreak among workers.  These types of precautions include things like, work travel bans, cancellation of in-person meetings, events and conferences; self-quarantining and working remotely until the dangers pass. 

This leaves, however, the workforce to deal with an unusual challenge: Working from home for the first time.

Even if you have experience in remote work, voluntary or mandatory working from home because of COVID-19 probably seems like a whole new world - and it's most likely feeling very sudden and abrupt. 

Job Seeker


Customer Sucess Stories

“Excellent service, very timely response time, quality candidates and outstanding support.”

Global Professional Services Firm

“Great support in helping us achieve our corporate mandates by providing top quality knowledgeable resources in a timely and efficient manner - very easy to do business with! “

National Telecommunications Provider

“..the most reliable partners we work with. They are timely with their submissions and are quick to respond to emails and provide updates and required information. Their candidates typically are at the top of the pack as is evident by their fill/success rate.“ 

Leading Financial Services Institution

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